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Have you all heard about this amazing month long giveaway over at MomDot? It is so very cool. You have the chance to win all sorts of prizes each day in May from the 31 bloggers in 31 days Blog Party celebrating Trisha Haas, The Mommy Blog Queen’s 31st birthday {Yes, she is way more awesome than Dooce} and one astounding grand prizeA $3800 swing/play set from HomePlace Structures and in conjunction with Skip To My Lou. The Diva is chomping at the bit for this one…and so am I. I always wanted a swing set when I was a little girl. I never got one. I would love to get the opportunity to give this to The Diva before she is too old for it {Or we are too damn old to put it together.}

Take a look:

About HomePlace Structures:

Experience outdoor living at its finest with HomePlace Structures custom Amish crafted outdoor products. Enhance your property with a stylish yet functional garden building, garage, or gazebo. For the kids, HomePlace Structures also offers exciting playhouses and playsets. Its line of play structures from Pinnacle Play Systems include the best, most innovative ways to have fun: towers and lofts, playhouse lofts, ships/castles, and combination units.

HomePlace Structures exists to provide a variety of structures that add comfort, enjoyment and function to properties nationwide – accenting homes, parks, businesses, and gardens. We customize playhouses, garden buildings, gazebos, garages and Pinnacle Play Systems for discriminating buyers across the United States, shipping from our base among the Amish of Lancaster County, PA.




<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-11355" title="playsets" src="http://lastshredsofsanity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/playsets.jpg" alt="

About the Mountain Range Swing set you can win:

$3862.00 Complete Kit set – Finished product features 5’ x 5’ x 6’ deck, two 7’ swing beams, rock climbing wall, climbing net, ladder, slide, and numerous other features! This kit will be shipped to the winning customer’s residence within the continental U.S. Assembly is required; full-color assembly manual provided.


<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-11354" title="2612-mtn-range-beam" src="http://lastshredsofsanity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/2612-mtn-range-beam.jpg" alt="2612-

How cool would you kids think you are if you won this for them? I bet all the kids in the neighborhood would be in your backyard. All. Summer. Long. Come to think of it, you wouldn’t want that, now would you? All those kids traipsing through your house, eating up all your food {you do have to feed them, you know}, dirtying up your nice, pristine house, using up all the toilet paper…

Please let me be the only entrant so that I can win this AMAZING prize and The Diva will think I am magical, OK? No? Well, alright, then, how about you just wish me tons of luck? Because unless we win the lottery or that damn Publisher’s Clearing House Guy stops lying and shows up at my door with a big check, we will not be able to afford to buy this for our daughter, and she wants it. Bad. {Damn this economy for making me look like a bad Mama!}

From MomDot.com :


Mountain Range Swing set

Due to the value of this amazing giveaway from our extremely generous sponsor, this giveaway will run 8 weeks to allow you a chance to check out, refer, and drum up buzz for HomePlace Structures. Between their garden, swing set, and playset products, they are brilliant for the summer! We are excited to share them with you all and we know you will be excited to share them as well.

Initial Entry

You must complete the following entry in order to qualify to win and to qualify for any additional entries throughout the contest period (and we will offer lots!). If you do not complete this, you are ineligible to win. If your name is pulled and we check our records (and we WILL CHECK) and this is not complete, you will forfeit the prize and we will pull a new winner. All three points MUST be completed. Then leave us a comment in THIS post and let us know what email address you did this under or if it matches the email address on your comments. You may spell out your email so it isn’t spammed.

Here is a list of the prizes so far:

You excited yet? Yes? Well, go here to enter the main contest at MomDot, then scamper on over to Skip To My Lou to make sure you meet all the requirements. Please tell ’em Shan aka babyrocasmama from Last Shreds Of Sanity sent you over.

Thank you, have fun, meet some new bloggers, enter a ton of contests and good luck!


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