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At 9:37 am on September 11, 2001, 5 cowardly terrorists using their twisted version of the Muslim religion as justification for mass murder, flew American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon.

By this time we were all certain that this was an act of terrorism. We had just witnessed true evil and it shook us to our core.

There were 59 passengers and crew on that flight. It is widely believed that the plane was nearly vaporized upon impact because very few whole bodies were recovered. A total of 125 people were murdered at the Pentagon.

Many people survived because that part of the building was being refurbished and their offices had been relocated.

There are many conspiracy theorists who believe that either no plane hit the Pentagon or that it was a missile launched by our own government. To them I say: Get out of your mother’s basement, get on the right psychotropic drugs and stop saying things that shit on the memory of those who died and their mourning families.

Of the 184 people murdered at the Pentagon, 59 were passengers on Flight 77, of which 5 were children ages 3-11 and 55 military personnel.



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