I’m Having Hot Flashes Because Our Air Conditioning Died, NOT Because I’m Over 35

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Yesterday, I received a pitch from a social media marketing site I belong to. Normally, their pitches are good and they pay pretty well, however, this one really missed the mark. I was pitched a line of menopause products and asked to have a “fun” party with all my menopausal friends to show off said products. I was even told that their records show that I am in the target age range for menopause. They actually wanted me to host a Meno-Pause party with my friends.

Let that sink in for a minute.

I’m having hot flashes because our air conditioning died, NOT because I’m over 35.

I’m 41 years old. I have a seven-year-old child. I must be menopausal!

What. The. Fuck.

I contained my rage and indignation and did what any other normal woman would do: I posted it on FaceBook. Then I wrote a nice email reply back to the rep:

Hi Nice PR Rep,

Thank you for inviting me to this campaign, however, I am only 41 and am not yet in the menopausal stage. I don’t even have any friends who are in that part of life, and some are older than me. I would have no use for the products — except maybe the cooling cloths because we live in the desert and our air conditioning just died — and I have no friends who currently need them, so a party would not happen.

Please keep me in mind for any other campaigns that might be a fit me or my blog audience.

She sent me an equally pleasant reply and I thought that was the end of it. I had told the social media company that I was not menopausal just because I was over 35 and gotten my point across in a non-confrontational manner. It was over. Or so I thought.

This morning I got an apology email from the rep’s boss stating how they were sorry if they had offended anyone, Poise had told them that women could start pre-menopausal symptoms as early as thirty-five, etc., etc., etc. Apparently, they offended a lot of women.

It was the pre-menopausal line that got me. Well, that and the Meno-Pause party with all my “flasher” friends I was supposed to host.  Of note is that a pre-menopausal woman is one who is in her reproductive years, still ovulates, can potentially become pregnant and, therefore, has no need of any menopause products. But those medical terms are so pesky, who can keep them all straight? I again, fired off an email to the boss lady and included the all cc recipients:

Nice PR Rep’s Boss Lady,

I appreciate the apology, however, as women yourselves, you should be more aware of the sensitivity we have towards menopause and our age. Many people believe that the age of 35 is automatically when you begin menopause and, therefore, become old and useless. That is simply not the case. Your email calls them “pre-menopausal symptoms”. ALL women who are in their reproductive years are pre-menopausal. Symptoms of menopause begin during the peri-menopausal phase (the vague time period before a woman starts menopause).

Menopausal symptoms can start at nearly any age, but targeting women for a line of products because they are in their mid-30’s or older and assuming that all of their friends must be the same age and therefore menopausal is actually quite insulting. Any company thinking a group of women in the midst of The Change would want to have a “fun” party for the sole purpose of discussing or trying products for the hell that is menopause is simply uninformed.

I am the mother of a seven-year-old. I turned 41 March 1st. One of my best friends had her first child in February. She turned 41 the beginning of August. Neither of us have any peri-menopausal symptoms. Another of my friends became a grandmother two years ago, but she is not menopausal. She had her eldest at an early age and turned 41 this past May.

Yes, we’re all over 35, however, that does not mean we are automatically in that stage of life. I think the email for the Poise campaign would have been better received if it had been worded something like “is this a line of products you or someone you know could find useful?” instead of “our records indicate that you are in the target age group for this campaign and I wanted to let you know about this fun campaign! If you have been looking for an opportunity to host a fun night for the ladies, this is the perfect shop!”.

What part of menopause is fun and a good party theme? Would any of you like to be in a room filled with women suffering hot flashes, mood swings at the drop of a hat and vaginal dryness? I know I wouldn’t.

I haven’t heard back from anyone at this social media company. I kind of doubt I ever will. They know they did it all wrong and are likely licking their wounds. However, I’m not sure that this will elicit any changes in the way they market to bloggers. Mainly because this company is run/staffed by actual bloggers! I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that one.

Do you think this social media marketing comapny would deign to blind pitch all dad bloggers age 40 or older impotence products? Absolutely not because that? THAT would be insulting. To men. And quite presumptuous. But pitching all women over 35 menopause products makes perfect sense because we just go down hill after we reach that age and all we have left is menopause — and becoming a grandmother — right?

While I’m doing the whole mind wrapping thing, I’ll just leave the bad PR pitcher people with this:

Image courtesy of The Bloggess and Wil Wheaton


By the way, this isn’t the only bad pitch I’ve received in the last couple of weeks. I was asked to review Zestra, which I believe is some sort of personal lubricant/female sexual enhancement cream. The PR rep emailed me three times asking me to please write about the product. I ignored her for three reasons: I don’t write about my sex life on my blog, my sex life is just fine thankyouverymuch and I will never, ever use a product whose spokesperson is Kris Kardashian. Or any Kardashian, for that matter! I have to draw the line somewhere and those damn Kardashians will endorse anything for the right price. I, however, have standards and morals.

Just sayin’.


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  1. LadyStyx says:

    Oh! I would just SOOOOO love to see the post Mr Wheaton would put out if he’d been blind pitched to rate an impotence product… especially since he’s not much older than my kid brother, who will turn 40 this year. Thankfully, I don’t seem to get ads or requests like that in my email. Odd as I am 2 years your senior. I do still, however, get the penile enhancement emails as well as the knee replacement ads on fb. The one I can use, the other… not so much. You see, I don’t have custody of that particular part 24/7.
    LadyStyx recently posted..Pringles taps music industryMy Profile

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