Mama Moon Bat And The Economic Rescue Plan

[ 0 ] September 30, 2008 |
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I am just so infuriated over this, I can’t write about it. Fortunately, my Big Bro over at Hard Reset, wrote something I agree with so I have quoted him below:

Well, it was all set, even the GOP members said it was a done deal and they had enough votes to pass the 700 Billion dollar boondoggle known as the Economic Rescue Plan. But a funny thing happened on the way to the most massive bailout in US history, Nancy Pelosi just couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Her Botox addled mind just could not resist the urge to commit moon battery on the house floor, and in the process torpedoed the whole shebang.

Nice going Nancy.

Pelosi should have just come out, praised all and sundry for their ‘bipartisan efforts’ told everyone what a great deal this was and walked off. But nope, mama moon bat just had to get her digs in one more time, and proceeded blaming the entire economic crisis on President Bush and the GOP, apparently she also has short-term memory loss, for causing the current situation. And a sure thing was defeated 228-205 in a vote that was never even close. Now keep in mind that the democrats don’t need ANY GOP votes to win a simple majority vote, and still they just couldn’t pull it off with 95 democrats voting nay.

Of course, immediately after the vote, Nancy was back to blaming the GOP for not passing this legislation, stating that the democrats ‘more than delivered’ from their side. Really Nan? Almost 100 of YOUR party voted against you. But I guess when you live down the rabbit hole, left is right and up is down. She has even tried to pin the blame on John McCain, apparently he didn’t do enough to get the GOP votes. What exactly was Obama doing again? Oh, yeah, he’s the Junior Senator from Illinois and as such really has little or no pull in the senate.

OK, Nan, the country gave you a chance and you have presided over the most Do-Nothing congress in decades. No energy plan, no economic plan, playing politics with the committee system and a staggering 17% approval rating. Time for you to go home.

I will say this, however, I hate the fact that women like Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Billary & Barbara Boxer are almost the only female legislators in Congress. They do not represent me or my values. Let me say that again: These particular female politicians do not represent me. I think they are idiots; they have no morals. Just because they broke the glass ceiling doesn’t mean they are good role models for America’s young women. Quite the contrary. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for XX chromosomes infiltrating the old white boys club that is U.S. politics, but could we choose some better women to do the job? Please? Where are women like Elizabeth Dole when we need them?

And Nancy walks around with a chip the size of Texas on her shoulder. We know you are the first female Speaker of the House. That is a great accomplishment for women in general. We know you are two heartbeats away from the POTUS. We get it. And I would venture to say that most of us get chills even thinking of that possibility. I know, I do!

It is not a good thing to use your position as a way to — quite literally — stick it to men as a whole & undermine, at every turn, the political party you hate

Bipartisan is a dirty word to Nancy.

Do you understand what that does, Ms. Pelosi, et al.? It emboldens the “Good Ol’ Boys Club” to continue saying what they have always said, “Women belong in the kitchen. Barefoot & pregnant” and, much like their children, should be “seen and not heard”.  You have set equal rights for women back at least 50 years!

A big thanks to Nancy, Hillary, Barbara, Dianne & Maxine from the  female citizens of a grateful nation! We just love that the idiot men think we are all man-hating shrews just like you.


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