The Awe & Wonder Of Childhood

[ 3 ] November 18, 2008 |
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Yesterday afternoon, my daughter amazed me once again. She didn’t accomplish any incredible feats or master a foreign language. No, she discovered prismatic light.

As the late afternoon sun shone through the bathroom window & bounced off the mirror, it produced a small, full prism of color on Ro‘s bedroom door. She was enchanted.

When she saw it, she excitedly asked me “Mommy, what’s that?”

“It’s a prism, baby,” I answered.

“Oh, wow!”, she exclaimed, “Look, Mommy, it’s moving!”, as she moved her door back & forth.

“Look, Mommy. There’s red,” she announced, as she found the color in the prism.

“Very good, baby. Now can you find the purple?”

“There’s purple! And blue. And green. And what’s that color, Mommy?”

“That’s orange, goober. What is this color?,” I asked, as I pointed to the yellow.

“Yellow! That’s yellow, Mommy!”

“Very good, Ro. You are so smart!”

“I am?”

“You are.”

“Oh, thank you, Mommy!”

“Your welcome, baby!”, I said, as she gave me a big hug & a kiss.

She then put her tiny palm on the gem of light & was immediately dazzled by the spectrum now appearing on her fingers. As she lifted each one up & saw the different hues reappear on the door behind them, her eyes became so luminous, it was as if they were ablaze with the full intensity of the sun. She continued to manipulate her hands & fingers this way & that, trying to see every angle of color possible, until the sunlight waned & the prism was gone.

“Oh, no! Mommy it’s all gone!”

“I know baby, but the sun went down too far.”


“Maybe we will get another one tomorrow. OK?”

“Yes, Mommy. OK. That was fun, Mommy. It was so pretty!”

“Yes it was, honey.”

“OK. We try again tomorrow.”

“Yes, baby. Tomorrow.”

I witnessed the innocence & purity of first discovery. I observed the awesomeness she experienced after finding something never before seen. I felt the warmth & pride of a Mother’s heart as I watched it unfold. I experienced overwhelming joy after seeing the look on my child’s face. The awe & wonder of childhood…If only they could stay that pure forever!

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  1. sigh…

    I miss those days. Although I never thought I’d survive them to say it.

  2. Cheryl says:

    sigh…I miss those days. Although I never thought I’d survive them to say it.

  3. That is SO SWEET!!! See? You are a super, duper Mommy!!

    And I have something for you on my blog hun!

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