The Diva Needs New Shoes For School

[ 14 ] July 28, 2010 |
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Yes, school starts in approximately 15 days and I need to buy The Diva shoes. And clothes. And school supplies. Daddy wants her to finally have a pair of Converse high tops, but I’m not so sure because of the flexible sides. Yes, I’m one of those Moms. The ones always worried about safety. And proper growth and what not. Yes, that’s me. I can’t help it, she’s my baby. Daddy has always had a pair of Chucks. Always. So his baby girl having her own pair is natural.

I have to admit that I do love Converse shoes. Well now that they have more girly styles, anyway. I grew up in the 80’s. I was a punk rock/heavy metal/new wave/prep. What is that you say? Those things cannot exist on the same plane? Oh but yes, yes they can! 😛

But I digress…

I am not one for traditional dressing. Not for myself and not for my child. Now I don’t wear things that are inappropriate, but I like clothing styles with a bit of an edge. And high tops do kind of fill that bill. It’s an 80’s thing, don’t ask unless you lived it. I especially like the new colors I have found for the Converse kids shoes. They have some really pretty turquoise blue ones. Ro would love them! I only wish they came in leather. I am afraid The Diva will destroy the canvas ones with as rough as she plays.

So this weekend, we will be shopping for The Diva’s kindergarten wardrobe, including shoes. Did I just say kindergarten? Oh my Lord, where did the time go? Yesterday she was still a baby…


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  1. Kathleen B. says:

    I love Converse shoes and had several pair when I was growing up. My boys have also had several pair so far. They are great and we haven’t had any problems with the flexible sides as of yet.
    Kathleen B. recently posted..Alex and Ani Bangle Bracelet Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  2. Dee says:

    They ARE super cute and are making a comeback! 🙂

  3. Cheryl says:

    I’ve always loved converse shoes! But I’ve never owned a pair, maybe now’s the time I should! 😉 I have 1 more year until Lauren starts school and 2 until Jillian. eeep.
    Cheryl recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- I feel pretty!My Profile

  4. Heather says:

    Those are so old school cool. Love em!

  5. Converse actually hold up pretty well. My kids wear those and Vans skate shoes.
    Not So Average Mama recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- I’m Crippled…My Profile

  6. Tiffany says:

    Those are adorable. I love that they have some cute girl’s styles now too. I think my boys need some of them. Good luck as The Diva starts school. Time DOES go too fast.
    Tiffany recently posted..Fun With Pop On PalsMy Profile

  7. Tammy says:

    I love those shoes. Turqoise is one of my favorite colors.
    Tammy recently posted..I Was Stalked By A Wild Animal At The ParkMy Profile

  8. lisa p says:

    My daughter loves her Chucks! You are right its an 80’s thing!

  9. Jayme says:

    Mia (she’s 5) has a pair, and although I find the ease of her cheesy velcro princess sneakers that a relative bought her way easier to get on and off of her, the look of her in her Chucks is so cute I can’t stand it. I love it with leggings and a puffy skirt 🙂
    Just grab an easy to slip on pair of some other kind of shoe too for those mornings you’re in a rush and don’t have time to lace and tie (if you’re anything like me!! LOL)
    Jayme recently posted..PINT w-Supah!My Profile

  10. Those are adorable, I don’t think I can count on how many pairs of converse are sitting at the door way right now. My son and daughter are totally in love with them and always wanting them. I love that they come in all colors now and some awesome designs. Not just the standard white and black ones. Can’t wait to see what Diva gets for school.

  11. Susan says:

    I’ve got 1 pair of black lo-tops and 1 pair of black hi-tops and I love love love them! I never owned a pair as a teen and I wish I had now!

  12. Abby says:

    I think they are so cute! I keep eyeing them for Gaige. I think The Diva needs them!
    Abby recently posted..Momzelle Nursing Clothing-Review &amp GiveawayMy Profile

  13. sarah says:

    my boys have them and love them. Let her have a pair. She will be fine.
    sarah recently posted..Wordless Wednesday with linkyMy Profile

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