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More Backpedaling & Lies...Obama Style - Last Shreds Of Sanity : Last Shreds Of Sanity

More Backpedaling & Lies…Obama Style

[ 3 ] October 14, 2008 |
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My Big Bro over at Hard Reset posted this on his blog & I decided it was good enough to post myself. Let me just say that all politicians eventually hang themselves with their own words and/or actions. So you would think in the age of video cell phones, the world wide web & things going viral at the speed of light, they would try to censure themselves or have a handler to to do it for them…sadly (or hilariously), no. This man is running to be the leader of one of the greatest superpowers/nations in the free world, don’t you think he could try not to make himself look like such a buffoon?

And exactly when did people making $250K/year become middle class???? I would consider myself wealthy if I was making that amount of money or at least well-off! How can he tax the small business owner more than they already are? They are the cornerstone of this society & economy. (I am starting to hear 1929 calling…) Hey, I’m all for everyone being able to see a doctor & not worrying about an exorbitant bill for treatment or medication, but there has to be a better way. Talk to people from countries that have Universal Health Care, you might be surprised at what they have to say. Waiting lists nearly a year for necessary surgeries, sub par treatment, etc. I challenge my readers to research this & let me know what you find out.

 Barack Obama, Can We Call Him a Socialist Now??

Listen as Barack Obama is confronted by a man who owns a plumbing business. No he doesn’t want to punish your success just tax the hell out of it so those who won’t work can have your money. Jesus H. Christ in a cornfield!!! He thinks when you spread the wealth around it’s ‘good for everybody’, yeah especially those lazy f@%$&! sitting with their hands out convinced that this country owes them a living because of the color of their skin or the place of their birth. My dad told me “The world does not owe you a living, you owe YOURSELF a living” So if you have success, Barack Obama thinks you owe the fruits of your labors to his social agenda. Sound like any OTHER political system we’ve heard of?


RED ALERT: Obama Says ACORN and Others Would Help Shape Presidential Agenda.

I thought he had nothing to do with ACORN. Yet another lie by Barack Obama outed by his own words. Obama wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him square on his narrow ass. Here he is stating at a forum in December 2007 exclusively for community organizing groups like ACORN, that they would be called in to help shape his agenda even before he would be inaugurated. Good thing he is going to be watching it on television with the rest of us. Time for Americans to wake up and understand what type of radicals Barack Obama is going to turn to if he is elected, the same radicals, thugs, criminals and murderers like Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Tony Rezko that he always has.


The community/society at large should be an influence on any president’s agenda. However, when only one side of a spectrum is represented, someone is bound to lose, big time. This isn’t a school government or even a municipal government he is vying for; this is the whole ball of wax. The Big Kahuna. And Kahuna has to play with the big boys now. I don’t personally think Barack is right for this country. Not that I think all Democrats are inherently evil, but what Obama wants to do is straight up Socialism. If you don’t believe me. look up the definition.

Socialism is one of those things that is good in theory only. It will not work in the real world. Just like a Utopian society is impossible (think Stepford Wives); it does not take into account basic Human Nature. Most of us are hardwired to be individualistic & independent; we are not the Borg (Star Trek reference). I am pretty altruistic myself, believe it or not. I would love to live in a society that does not judge on the color of someone’s skin or financial status, that sees the heart of a person, the beauty within, not what’s outside (channeling Garth Brook’s We Shall be Free!). Where my child is safe to play in the yard without fear of some perv kidnapping her. A world where I am not afraid to put pictures of my baby & family on my blog without wondering if some pedophile is going to think she is fair game. A world where people genuinely care about one another, not this “me first, give me mine” attitude most people have today. Sadly, this is not the world we live in, is it?

And our Dad did always tell us that the world does not owe us a living. He also always told me I could do or be anything I wanted to be & to never let some man tell me I couldn’t do something just because I was a woman (Not bad for a man born in 1927, who grew up thinking women should be barefoot, pregnant & in the kitchen! Miss you Pappa!) He was a staunch, God-fearing Republican, good provider, Father, Husband & worked until he couldn’t work anymore.

I think he would be pleased, in some ways, with this Presidential race. He would like the fact that our country was evolved enough to have an African-American on one ticket & a woman running on the other ticket. I know he had a lot of respect for Sen. McCain. I also know he would be disgusted with the tactics the Democrats are using in this campaign. As my Daddy would have said, Obama, Billary & Co. are nothing but a bunch of “Leftist, Pinko, Commie, Fascist Pigs!!” Pappa was always so descriptive (and quiet!! LOL)!!

By the way, for all my dreams of altruism & a genuinely loving, caring society, I still know when it’s time to grab the big guns & go blow some shit up!! My friends, I ask you to think for yourselves. Get informed. Make your own decisions. Do not follow the blind masses into that “good night”. Please VOTE!

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  1. I wouldn’t mind making 250K! Middle class or not.

  2. Hey, me again. Sorry, I thought I could leave a message on your profile, but I forgot that you can’t do that on blogger. Sorry you don’t have a nice fall, but I’d give just about anything to have sunshine and nice weather year-round.
    Just read your profile…mental health in the prison system…must have been an interesting job.
    My husband has done lots of prison ministry and I went once, well, twice actually. Not a place I’d want to work.
    Glad you enjoyed my blog. Come back to visit anytime! Life’s always interesting on the domestic fringe.
    By the way, not sure how you change your header. I’m using WordPress which is different. I’m new to this world of blogging myself. Started in Sept.

  3. Linda says:


    First off, I wanted to come by and say thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog about my ghost tour through Salem, Massachusetts. And you may be right, maybe we do things because someone told us someplace was haunted as the power of suggestion can be very strong indeed.

    I did have some pictures from earlier in our trip, taken during the day, that turned up some strange things themselves with no suggestion of anything being haunted so you just never know! I’d like to stay open to the possibility that there are some scarier things out there than our current rash of politicians!

    Oh, and I’d love to make $250K and still be middle-class myself! I don’t know, though, and I guess that puts me smack in the low-income level just one step up from poverty!

    Hope you come by to visit again, I’ll have some local cemetery pictures up later this week with more “glitches” on the pics!

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