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Skewed Design Studios FAQ

Here you will find all you need to know about how a design from Skewed Design Studios works…and what you’ll need to provide in order for me to complete it. You will also find my company policies on refunds and deposits. I hope to work with you soon.

~ The Design Process ~

Designing is a creative thing and creativity cannot be turned on and off like a light switch. I will ask you questions about what you want your design to look like {Colors, textures, images, fonts, function, etc.}, it is your job to answer those questions as fully as possible. You will need to come to me with the images and fonts you want used in your design or you can pay me an extra fee to find them for you. Stock images found at iStock or Dreamstime for use in your design can be purchased by me on my accounts. As stated previously, I will search for images for you for an additional fee. If you are unsure of where to look for images, I can provide you with links to sites that I use myself. If I do not have all the information I need, I cannot get your design done in a timely manner.

Some designs are more complex than others and will take longer to complete. Each design is unique to the client and that is not something that can be accomplished using an assembly line process.

You will be allowed three {3} minor revisions of the design. Any revisions over that amount will be billed accordingly. If you request a revision that amounts to a whole new design, you will be charged for a new design or $35/hour until project completion.

Once I have all the information I need from you, I will begin your design. I have test sites which I use to develop my designs. When I have something to show you or need your approval, I will send you a link to my development site for you to review. Once the design is complete, you have approved it and paid your remaining balance, I will install it on your site.

I do not normally add content to a client’s site. However, if it is a brand new site and you provide me with the text you want added, I can provide this service for an additional fee.

All designs/graphics are created using AdobePhotoshop CS5.

~ Blogger To WordPress Migrations ~

If you contract with Skewed Design Studios for a Blogger to WordPress Migration using your existing graphics, you need to understand that the graphics you currently use may not be able to be transferred as they look now on your existing Blogger blog. I will likely have to modify them to fit a WordPress theme and that may mean making your graphics look different or re-making them altogether by piecing and stitching them. If you use Cutest Blog On The Block graphics on Blogger, you will likely need new graphics for WordPress.

~ Deposits ~

A 50% deposit is required before any work can be started. Deposits are non-refundable and are payment for my time and labor hours if the project is not completed for any reason.

~ Refunds ~

Due to the digital nature of the product I provide, refunds will only be considered on a case by case basis. Deposits are non-refundable {see ‘Deposits’ tab}. However, every reasonable effort {Within my company policies} will be made to make the Client happy. Should you decide not to complete the project, any fees you have already paid for domains and/or hosting are not my responsibility. You have paid another company to register your domain and/or host your website. All requests for refunds must be directed to those companies as I received no compensation for your purchase of those products, and therefore I have nothing to refund you for.

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