#TBCcrafters Week 1: How To Make A Holiday Ribbon Barrette Or Pin

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I always come up with FABULOUS ideas for clothing, accessories or home decor. And then I go on an exhaustive search to stores and internet sites only to find that what was in my head does not exist. Or it does exist, but is extremely cost-prohibitive. Sometimes these thoughts are inspired by a color, ribbon or image I’ve seen in a magazine or online. Sometimes, it just pops into my head and the only way to get it out is by making it a reality — kind of like that horrible song that gets stuck in your head and will only go away if you sing it. Out loud.

In order to save my sanity, and keep my Husband from killing me over money, I learned to make things myself.

A few years ago, way before I became a blogger, I made these hair bows/pins for my daughter’s Halloween costume. That year, she was a punk rock ballerina faerie. Try finding that costume in a store! So I decided I would make it, and all the accessories, myself. Yes, those are skulls. What’s a punk rocker without skulls?? (I got the skull ribbon online)

Her Mohawk is also my design. I’m crafty like that.

All these need to become a reality is Fabri-Tac, ribbon and a couple of those barrette bases from Michael’s. All the rest is your own imagination. Oh, and a bow maker would be helpful as well.

Although the pictures show a Halloween style, these barrettes and/or pins can be easily changed to suit any holiday or color scheme just by using different colored ribbon.

Supplies needed:

  • Fabri-Tac glue (hot glue just doesn’t work well here)
  • Ribbon (at least two colors/patterns) of varying widths
  • Decorative buttons with bottom loop or beads
  • 1 1/2 inch Barrette or bar pin bases
  • Bow maker
  • Craft wire (optional)



    1. Glue a doubled piece of scrap ribbon or fabric to top of barrette or pin base, set aside to dry
    2. Using your bow maker (or you can eyeball it if you’re good at it), lay down a 2-3 inch long piece of ribbon or craft wire vertically where the center of your bow will be
    3. Add your two kinds of ribbon spools to the bow maker’s spool dowel, with the main color/widest ribbon on the bottom (each color bow can be done separately and then combined, depending on preference)
    4. Decide how many loops the bow will have and how large it will be and create it according to the bow maker instructions (or do it freehand if you know how — I don’t, hence the bow maker)
    5. Once the bow is the desired size, pull the craft wire or ribbon tight to the center of the bow and twist until secure. Snip off excess.



    1. Glue bow to barrette or pin base and let dry.
    2. Using a thin 4 inch long coordinating ribbon, thread it through the loop on the bottom of the decorative button or bead. Place the threaded button/bead in the center of the bow and thread the ribbon around to the bottom of the base top (above the spring) and glue. Repeat with the other end of the ribbon. Trim excess.
    3. Let dry.

    And, Voila! pretty barrettes or pins for any occasion.


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    1. I’ve paid good money for custom designed bows in the past. Some of them have broken on me only angering me that I’d spent so much. I’ve inquired a time or two on what glue to use so that I could repair them on my own, no one has ever told me as though if we’re some insider secret… Thank you for finally easing my curiosity, perhaps now they’ll be revived!!!
      Rose Powell recently posted..DIY Facial Toner and Decorative BottleMy Profile

    2. What a cute barrette! I miss when my daughter was little and I could make here these.
      Ellen Christian recently posted..Print this 10% off coupon for KMart Friends & Family sale on 11/4My Profile

    3. Rachee says:

      Such a cute idea! I want to try this for my daughter as well as my kids at the library.
      Rachee recently posted..I Spy with #TBCCraftersMy Profile

    4. I love this, and it looks great in the pictures
      Denise Seegobin recently posted..Halloween Craft-Witches Hat #TBCcraftersMy Profile

    5. How cute is that bow!!!! Those would make great stocking stuffers too
      RachelFerrucci (@RachelFerrucci) recently posted..Tailgating Twitter Party Friday Sept 28, 2012My Profile

    6. Jamie T. says:

      That is adorable!! Not sure my son would let me make him one, though. :o) I’ll be sure and save the info for my friends who do these kind of crafts – thanks!!

    7. tina says:

      awww…. how cute. These are the times I wish I had a girl. 🙁
      Great idea and I’ll have to pass it on to my girlfriends who have little girls
      tina recently posted..Personalizing Fake Pumpkin For Fall Decorating #TBCcraftersMy Profile

    8. that is a fun idea…I could see making one for every outfit!!! great job

    9. That looks so cute and sounds pretty easy to make too. Thanks for sharing this.
      Cascia Talbert (The Healthy Moms Magazine) recently posted..Four Things I Learned from the 2012 Presidential ElectionMy Profile

    10. Lois Jones says:

      Too cute!! I can see how it would be so easy to make one for each holiday and for each outfit!
      Lois Jones recently posted..NanoStyle Jewelry Is Amazing and Beautiful!!My Profile

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