Ten Years

[ 2 ] September 2, 2011 |

Ten years ago, the world stopped turning.

Ten years ago, I woke up to the news showing what I thought was a scene from some action flick.

Ten years ago, I realized it was real.

Ten years ago, I knew Bin Laden was behind it even before any reporter uttered that evil bastard’s name.

Ten years ago, the whole world was irrevocably changed.

Ten years ago, innocent people lost their lives.

Ten years ago, ordinary people became heroes.

Ten years ago, we saw what the face of true evil looked like.

Ten years ago, I had nightmares for months; I was afraid my husband would be activated with his Air Force Reserve unit.

Ten years ago, I found out a family member was murdered by religious zealots because she was an American. I wonder if she suffered too much or was killed instantly. I still weep about that today.

Ten years ago, her children became orphans.

Ten years ago, we lost our innocence.

Ten years ago, we became paralyzed with fear.

Six and a half years ago, I brought a child into a world filled with terror alerts, endless war, invasive security checks and the loss of most of our basic freedoms. She will never know a world without terrorism.

Ten years later, we were told Osama Bin Laden was dead.

Ten years later, the blood of our soldiers is still being shed on foreign soil.

Ten years later, Bin laden is still destroying American families.

Ten years later, we are still fighting for freedom.

Ten years later, the Middle East is imploding upon itself. I fear what will emerge once the smoke clears and the bullets stop flying.

Ten years later, the world economy is crumbling, unemployment is at record highs and the population of homeless families is skyrocketing.

Ten years later, I wonder if Bin Laden actually got what he wanted.

Ten years later, I want to know who won that fight.

Ten years later, I pray for peace in this world.

Ten years later, I want the killing over religion to end.

Ten years later, I am asking God “why?”.

Ten years later, I want to go back to September 10th and make 9/11 never happen.

Ten years later, there have been enough tears and bloodshed for twenty lifetimes.

Ten years later, the First Responders are dying painful deaths and not getting any help or care for their heroism and sacrifice.

Ten years later, it’s still all about some bureaucrat or CEO’s bottom line.

Ten years later, the politicians are grandstanding because they want THEIR agendas forced upon The People instead of fighting for what is best for American citizens.

Ten years later, I wonder if the souls of those so viciously murdered that day will ever rest in peace.

In just nine more days, we will commemorate the ten-year anniversary of 9/11.







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  1. The world has been a scary place since then. After reading many a book and watching many a documentary, I still don’t think we know the whole truth about what really happened that day. I just pray our children can someday know how to live in peace.
    Bethany Larrabee recently posted..Hit Your Weight Loss Goals With The Help Of Jillian MichaelsMy Profile

  2. Shan says:

    I feel the same way. I still watch/read whatever I can about the attacks. I’m not sure we will ever know what really happened, but I do not believe, as some do, that it was an inside job.

    And peace in this world…it’s what I pray all children will know soon and not this endless war with ourselves.
    Shan recently posted..Ten YearsMy Profile

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