2010 Vancouver Olympic Opening Ceremonies: Visually Stunning But Vocally Annoying

[ 14 ] February 13, 2010 |
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Did you all watch the Opening Ceremonies last night? I thought they were visually stunning. The whales that looked like they were swimming across the stage, the giant bear, the “snow”, the wheat fields….all of it was amazing. What I did not find appealing was the musical acts. Not that I don’t like some of those particular singers, but why were they lip syncing? It’s not that they can’t sing. It’s not even that the venue was so large that they needed back tracking vocals in order to get the full depth of their voices, it’s that the singers weren’t actually singing! This is the Olympics. You are representing your country. The whole world is watching. Show your pride by belting out some notes, not simply pretending to do so.

I did love the welcome by the aboriginal peoples. I thought that was quite beautiful and poignant yet did seem slightly forced. I did see some blondes and redheads in the “troupe” though and that was a bit off putting. However, I think that every country should pay homage to their indigenous people. And treat them fairly.

The “Peter Pan” sequence was actually pretty neat. I am always amazed to see the visual graphics that can be displayed in real time these days. Who needs CGI and post editing anyway?

The one thing I did not get at all was the Highlands-River Dance-southern two step-square dance bit. I will admit that I don’t know much about Canadian culture, but I do know quite a bit about my own Irish-Scottish-British-Southern heritage. And that little performance was a mish mash of all of it. The featured dancer, in my opinion, was not the right choice. He seemed very clompy, as opposed to the grace, elegance and fleet of feet of a River Dancer. What was with the sparklers on the shoes? Were they trying to emulate Michael Flatley’s “Feet Of Flames”? It was a dud. And the 500 colors, shapes and sizes of plaid kind of made me think that the 80’s had just thrown up. 😛

Then there were the national celebrities bringing in the Olympic flag. What would a celebration of Canada be without Anne Murray? 😀 Although, I wish she would have sung a song or two. I know all of her songs because she is one of my Mom’s favorites. I remember going to a concert with my parents and them getting up to dance in the aisle while she sang “Can I Have This Dance?”. I even know that she did a children’s album, many moons ago. I can still sing most of the songs. 😛 Which reminds me, I should see if I can find that on CD. I am sure The Diva would love it.

And of course, there was The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, there to help light the Olympic cauldron. I liked that The Canadian Olympic committee decided to have their four best athletes light the flame simultaneously. I did not like that when one of the “ice towers” malfunctioned, Wayne Gretzky did not let the poor girl who had nothing to light have his spot since he already knew that he would be lighting the outside cauldron.

Let’s not forget that a Georgian Luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, died yesterday during practice. The boy was only 21 years old. Last night’s ceremonies were dedicated to him.

From Examiner.com:

Nodar Kumaritashvili, 21 was on his final practice run at 10:45 local time Friday morning when he rounded the last curve and lost control. The luger, ranked 44th in the world, flew off his sled, over the track’s retaining wall, and into an unpadded steel support beam.

While his exact speed is unknown, it’s estimated Kumaritashvili was going about 88 miles per hour at the time of the crash. Paramedics rushed to him within seconds, but were unable to revive the young athlete. Kumaritashvili was airlifted, but died at the hospital. Nodar Kumaritashvili is just the fourth winter Olympian ever to die while preparing for the Olympics.

NBC reports Friday’s deadly accident was actually Kumartiashvili’s second crash during his Olympic training in Vancouver. The course is notorious for being extremely fast.

I have saved the best for last.

We Are The World, Redux.

Or should I say “We Are For Haiti”? Don’t go giving me hate comments, I am not saying anything against the relief efforts for Haiti. No, what I am saying is why re-do We Are The World now? I remember a few years ago at the American Music Awards, they tried– and failed miserably– to get some of the popular musicians to come on stage and sing the song at the end of the show, but it was a disaster. NO ONE knew the words or even tried to pretend they knew them. It really was very sad. So why now and why during the opening ceremonies?

What I find strangely ironic, is that this time, they included footage of Michael Jackson from the original video superimposed behind his sister Janet, singing the same lines. I find all the “love” and “admiration” being put out there for him since his untimely death a bit odd. Prior to his demise, did anyone out there think of Michael Jackson as anything other than a freaky man-boy-suspected-child-molester? As soon as the man’s death was announced last Summer, people who previously treated him like he had the plague, were saying all these wonderful things about him. He is getting posthumous Grammy’s, AMA’s and the like, dance and musical tributes on various shows, etc.

Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy in this?

Eighteen months ago these same people would not touch him with a 10 foot pole! Now suddenly he’s Mr. Wonderful/My biggest influence/such an inspiration??  After he’ s dead. He was the butt of many late night monologue jokes for years. His finances were hotly debated on gossip shows and his ability, suitability and biological ties as a father were contested in the media. No one can deny his actual influence on pop music and culture, but would any one of you have let him near your kids? I have not heard one person in the industry say they were sorry about the way he was treated, nor have I heard anyone say they never believed he was guilty of any wrong doing. I personally find that bizarre and hypocritical. Either you thought he was a freaky child molester or you didn’t. You can’t say he was normal now that he’s dead, when while he was alive, you wouldn’t even speak to him.  And now that the autopsy results have been made public and his “doctor” has been indicted for involuntary manslaughter, we all know Michael Jackson had some serious drug problems that no one had the guts to make public or do anything about while he was alive and possibly could have been saved from.

All I have to say now is: Make up your damn minds people!

**End rant.


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  1. Amanda says:

    I fell asleep during the opening ceremonies because there was too much blah blah blah before the actual ceremony started. I really didn’t think they needed to spend almost the entire first hour on the poor luger who lost his life. They just kept showing the footage of his crash over and over again.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..L’Oreal Lash Boosting Technology =-.

    • Shan says:

      Yeah, that is why we pause the show for a while, go do something else and fast forward to the parts we want to see.

      DVR/TiVo are the BEST inventions!!

  2. Tasha says:

    I agree with your thoughts on Michael Jackson. The whole thing is strange to me!

  3. Rhea says:

    well, I missed the ceremonies because I fell asleep and had a DVR malfunction (I turned it on…DH “thought” he turned it on but turned it off). So I have no opinions on it. However, I loved the “We Are The World” remix. It brought back lots of memories and I loved the new twist on it. If I’m a schmuck because of it, so be it. 🙂
    .-= Rhea´s last blog ..Shaving Just Isn’t In My Budget =-.

    • Shan says:

      You’re not a schmuck, Rhea. I just think it is strange timing AND highly hypocritical to make such a big deal with the original footage of MJ when EVERYONE in the music industry avoided him like he was a leper. Then he dies and he is revered as this wonderful person.

      Hypocrites drive me insane.

      But I DO NOT like the computerized voices they used on this version.

  4. That is funny, the whole mish mash part.

    You have an award waiting for you on my blog, Go get it
    .-= Jessica @Riding with Jessica´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- Leandra Kindergarten =-.

  5. Katie says:

    we were actually gone for most of the opening ceremonies. We DVRd them but still haven’t watched them all.
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Reduce Water Bottle Winner! =-.

  6. Kasandria says:

    I totally understand you on the Michael Jackson thing.
    .-= Kasandria´s last blog ..Introducing Swagbucks 3.0! Plus a Swagcode for 60 Swagbucks! =-.

  7. Would you believe I have not seen one game or seen any news coverage this year on the Olympics?

  8. nicóle says:

    There’s nothin’ like a good rant. The more you rant…the longer you live. That’s my feelings on the topic anyway!
    .-= nicóle´s last blog ..Mommy The Thinker =-.

  9. Louise says:

    I think I was crying during it so I missed the whole thing.
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..A Simple Way to Pamper Yourself, Simple Facial Wipes #giveaway =-.

  10. I saw this live and was amazing…..hopefully the next olympic oppening ceremony will be better.

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