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[ 1 ] January 3, 2009 |

My friend April, blog designer extraordinaire, is having a cool giveaway. Follow the rules below & if your bloggy needs some help, she is the one to go to. She ROCKS!! Just check out all the cool stuff she did for me, like my snazzy menu bar. She’s done other stuff, too. Can you guess what? LOL

Sorry for any confusion…I’m on flu meds & have mush brain.

I am a representative for mark. Avon. It’s basically the more glamorous and “more fun” version of Avon. I’ve been selling their products for over four years now. Honestly, I don’t try to sell the products as much as I like to buy them for myself! Their scents and beauty products are so unique, fresh and original. Not to mention they also have way cute clothes, bags, jewelry, and beauty tools. If you’re curious about what else mark. has, just click the link on the right sidebar to go to my online store. In addition to mark. stuff, I will be giving away a gift certificate to Bath and Body Works. Sure, they may be competition, but we all love Bath and Body Works…right? So here are the details.

1. To ENTER the contest you need to make a post on your own personal blog telling all your friends about this giveaway.

2. You also need to comment on this post and tell me: a) Your birthday and b) Three New Year’s resolutions.

Prizes: One winner will be chosen, and will receive…

1. A $25 gift certificate to Bath and Body Works!

2. For EVERY comment made on this post, I will add $1 to a mark. gift certificate. So if there are 10 comments, the gift certificate will be for $10. If there are 30 comments, the gift certificate will be for $30! And yes…even if there are 100 comments…Holy crap!!! Cool huh? But you can only comment once 😀

3. BONUS: Anyone who orders Blog TLC from me, or HAS ordered Blog TLC from me in the past will automatically receive an extra entry! But you still need to fulfill the rules above to enter.

4. It’s a good thing you read this far down, because the first FIVE people to post a comment will get a mark. goody bag full of SAMPLES! Fragrances, lip gloss, body lotions, etc… Hooray! You guys rock my face off!

P.S. Anyone who enters and doesn’t win will get a 30% discount on any mark. products or Blog TLC item(s). Good luck! The contest ends Saturday night at 8pm. The winner will be announced Sunday morning!

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  1. Awesome giveaway!! I have been wanting to try mark cosmetics for a really long time. Anyway,

    1.) My birthday is March 1.
    2.) a) Take my daughter to the zoo.
    b) Force my husband to go camping with me.
    c) Be more positive.


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