Black Dynamite Discovers Michael Jackson Was An Abusive Alien Hybrid

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This past weekend, my husband turned on Adult Swim and found a show called Black Dynamite. The animation looked very similar to The Boondocks, so I assumed it was from the same creator. Apparently it’s not because I don’t think that even Aaron McGruder has the balls to do what Carl Jones and Brian Ash did when they wrote an episode in which Black Dynamite discovers Michael Jackson was an abusive alien hybrid from the Mamase Mamasa Mamakusa race.


In the clip below, the birth of the alien known as Michael Joseph Jackson is explained. Along with his skin color and nose issues. They weren’t caused by vitiligo.


It all makes sense now!

Could this be the real reason The Jackson family went all apeshit extraction team today? They are after Michael’s money because of all the abuse he put them through as kids. You see, according to Black Dynamite, it wasn’t Joseph Jackson beating the crap out of the kids because he’s a monster, it was at the alien hybrid Michael’s direction. Maybe  that’s why Michael’s kids are white, not because they aren’t biologically his.

Think about it.

I’d want his money, too, if the episode of Black Dynamite wasn’t just the invention of some animator’s mind and actually true, wouldn’t you? Hell, I’d want it all. It’s called compensation for pain and suffering. That’s the legal term, I think.

Crashing through their Mom’s front gate this morning is the least of the things the Jackson siblings should be doing in that case. They should be exposing the truth about their half human, half alien brother. His bones could be on display like Michael did with the Elephant Man’s remains. It would serve those damn aliens right for impregnating poor Mama Jackson against her will. Michael’s brothers and sisters want the kids so they can have DNA tests done on them and prove that he was, in fact, a freaking alien! Maybe they’re afraid that the kids will become tyrants like their daddy and they want to hide them away to protect the rest of us. It could happen.

What if it’s all true?

What if, and just bear with me here, those Ancient Alien Theorists are right and the most famous of their experiments turns out to have been the self-described King of Pop?? I’m thinking that we ought to start kicking some alien ass for foisting that musical injustice on the world.

Who’s with me?

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