I’m Back…Well Mostly, Anyway!

[ 4 ] September 22, 2008 |
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I have been sick for the last week (some flu-like bug that makes me feel like I got run over by a truck…twice….then the SOB backed up over me just for good measure!) & my husband was sick the week before that so I haven’t been able to blog at all. I’ll just tell you all about my week-end…My husband hit something (it looked like the size & shape of a car battery with big hooks on top, just sitting in the #2 lane of the freeway) Friday morning on our way to take him to work (he was driving). It ripped open the underside of the car — the whole length of it. By the grace of God, the damage was 1/2 an inch from the fuel & brake lines; I love having angels watching over my family, it could have been so much worse. I wanted to kill him because he was driving too fast. He was in a rush (which is my fault always) & he wouldn’t even pull over; he wanted to get to work first. Oh, & the impact also put a crack in the windshield…right down the middle! So on top of being sick still, this happens!

I was left to go get the car checked out & fixed, by myself with our 3 1/2 year old in tow. So after dropping off my husband, I immediately drove to our trusted mechanic’s shop, .only to find out that he died 3 weeks ago!

~~R.I.P. Bruce Felter, mechanic extraordinaire~~

Luckily the guy who had worked for him agreed to come over & take a look at my vehicle. I was at the shop for about 5 hrs with Miss Ro…it was not fun! She looked like a homeless kid by the time we left to go get the rental car: she was filthy (but bless her heart, she tried to be good). I got my car back the next day, but it cost $200 to fix it (it had to be welded back together) plus the cost of a rental car & there is something else that can’t be fixed (unless I find someone who can weld cast aluminum). So that was my week & week-end. Today is a whole different matter. I’ll blog about that later.


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  1. KSS says:

    Sure is a cute baby ya got there! How much you want for her?

    Blog’s taking shape, keep it up.

  2. Shan says:

    She is not for sale Kev. But she is pretty dang cute. Thanks for the comment Big Bro!

  3. KSS says:

    I’d still let you play with her! Come on, how much??

  4. 24HRdreamer says:

    What a day you had…Well it has to look up from here!..lol

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