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[ 1 ] November 25, 2008 |
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This is so cool! The person who wins this will be incredibly blessed! Good luck to all who enter!

On November 28th, MomDot will be pulling ONE winner to win prizes from all of these amazing sponsors

to help you celebrate a Christmas of Dreams at your house this year. You must have your entries in no later then the evening of Nov 26th. This is NOT the blog party, this is completely different (we have a big month!)

There are a few requirements:

1)You MUST be a blogger. I have made this requirement because this year we are celebrating the blogger. Our site is about the blogging community and this is our way of rewarding one lucky blogger with a huge win. If you are not a blogger, your entry will not be considered. Go make a free blog if you have to to enter!

2) You must post about the Christmas of Dreams on your blog and include all the sponsor links (to give back and toss linky love to all the wonderful prizes that are being generously donated)while also linking back to momdot. Just cut and paste our list to make it easy.

Additionally, we want you to pick out your top 5 favorite sponsors and let us know your favorite things on their site. This ensures that you check out all the great stuff they have to offer, we always have to give back to the sponsors! And you may find something you really like for your christmas shopping!

3) Please carry a momdot banner or link on your blogroll

Sponsors are (and subject to be adding more as the month goes on):

  • Dyson
  • BabyPop
  • The Shrunks
  • Soda Club
  • Kadi Prescott
  • Uncommonly Cute
  • Lollipop Book Club
  • Kuster
  • Silly Monkeez
  • LA Plates
  • Natitys Design
  • Little Black Box
  • Koshas
  • Kidz Sunglasses
  • jaC Jewelry
  • Appledonia
  • LeapFrog
  • Mutsy
  • Kushies
  • Huddy Buddy
  • Mimsi-Bags
  • BottleWise
  • Lets Go Strolling
  • DaBib
  • Sassy Baby
  • Baby Legs
  • Scentsy
  • FeeFiFoto
  • Randi100
  • Organic Blankees
  • Shi Shu Style
  • Georgie Tees

After that, we simply want you to answer this one question in OUR comments:

Why does your family deserve a Christmas of Dreams?

We will pick the best answer, so get creative, feel free to VLOG your entry and leave us a link to watch it, be detailed, and sell your story. You are allotted up to TWO entries, one by you, and one by your DH/Wife/Significant Other. If you are unmarried, I will allow you to enter one more on behalf of a child/grandparent/neighbor. My point is, everyone gets two entries, but try to make them for two separate people. You must complete the requirements to be eligible and you are subject to verification. You MAY use one of your extra entries on behalf of another blogger. Make sure you leave your blog as we will be coming to your blog to let you know that you won.

(exact prize value coming soon, but right now I can say its over $1000 package)



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  1. Julia says:

    My goodness you have quite the Christmas decor going. I feel a bit inadequate at this moment. Your site looks great. 🙂

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