Dear People Who Used To Occupy My House

[ 4 ] March 31, 2011 |

OK, here is the deal, Nadia Rivera:

You USED to occupy my house. You don’t anymore. Haven’t for over three years. So why the hell are you still giving out MY address to YOUR creditors? I really don’t appreciate walking out the front door to take my daughter to school and having a REPO MAN at my gate asking for you because he is there to repossess YOUR car that you have not paid for in months.

Nor do I appreciate having to explain to my scared and crying six year old daughter that no, the man in the truck isn’t going to take our car and yes, we will still be able to get her to school, even though we are now LATE because of having to deal with the bad people’s creditors. Oh and I REALLY don’t appreciate being woken up at 5:41 am this morning by some bottom feeder collection company who outsources to INDIA. Do you have any idea how against the law it is to call anyone at that hour?? I’m not even the one who owes them any money!! You are a complete IDIOT.

I’m sorry you are having issues. The economy sucks. But not changing your address and making sure to give out MY address as your current one is wrong. Your creditors did a skip trace and have my unlisted telephone number now. I get 3-5 calls every hour from one of your creditors and no matter how many times I tell them they have the wrong number, they keep calling and disrupting my days.

And nights.

I get yelled at or called a liar because they are looking for your stupid, broke ass and they think I’m you. Or I’m lying for you. I’m done with this. Guess what? I am going to do my own little investigation and I am going to give your real address and phone number to your creditors. Oh, yes, I am. Then, just for shits and giggles, I am going to file a lawsuit against you for harassment. Or whatever I can get your dumb ass nailed on because that’s the kind of mood this has put me in.




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  1. Cheryl says:

    And I thought the random calls from collection agencies looking for my deadbeat in-laws was bad! This definitely takes the cake. I hope you nail the bitch.

    • Shan says:

      I’m definitely working on it. What sucks is that I may have to change my phone number and even then they can skip trace my address that she is still giving out as her own and link it to my phone number.

      This is so infuriating!

  2. LadyStyx says:

    You may want to also contact the FCC and go after the creditors as well. I think we’re having the same problem over here. We’ve been in this townhouse for 3 years now and have had cops show up (with warrants in hand)no fewer than 3 times. Each time, we’ve had to produce id to prove that we live here and that we’re NOT the people they’re looking for. We won’t even go into the calls. *Ugh* We’ve taken to forwarding those buggers to the worst offender’s number and then forwarding that one’s calls to a time and temperature thingy up in Alaska. Once a month we mix it up a bit. Wrong? Yeah. But at this point, we’re sick to death of the constant crap.
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  3. WoW! They’re determined no matter who it is!

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