Dish Network Stole My Money

[ 13 ] October 29, 2010 |
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That’s right, Dish Network are a bunch of thieves who only care about getting money, any way they can. Last Friday night, they stole $266 from me. But their “system” actually tried to take 4 times that amount out of my checking account. That is over $1100!!

I fully expect my service to be shut off and account to be deleted for writing this post. I have been a customer for over 7 years, but doing the right thing is not something Dish Network knows how to do.

This is money we didn’t have. Money that was needed to buy groceries, gas, necessities, my daughter’s school pictures {The check bounced because of this}, bills and a pumpkin for her to carve for Halloween. We have been scraping for pennies all week.

Last Friday night, I went to the Dish Network website to pay my bill. I entered my information, added the payment amount and clicked the submit button. The site began to load. And load. And load. And load. I sat and stared at it for a good two minutes before I decided to check my email and then go back to the site to make a screen shot of the payment confirmation page. As I always do. Imagine my surprise when I see two “thank you for your payment” emails in my inbox, both with different transaction ID’s!

I hurriedly called their customer service number to tell them what happened and and make sure the second payment was not going to be taken out of my checking account. Further imagine my absolute shock and horror when I was told that there were FOUR payments attempted from my account!!!!! I hit the submit button ONCE. ONCE. It was their site that kept loading and never giving me the confirmation screen. I was told by this customer service agent that two payments were successful and two were not. But they still drafted my checking account for double the authorized amount.

I authorized ONE payment of a specific amount. Dish Network stole the rest.

Customer service is not high on Dish Network’s agenda. However, lying to their customers and then blaming their “system”,  company policy or even the customer themselves when you call them on their lies is standard practice. I have been treated so poorly and lied to so many times by both their customer service agents and their supervisors, I have lost count. Even when their system screws up, it’s the customer who gets penalized.

Oh, and if you have an issue and do not have a zero balance on your account, you will not be allowed to speak to even a manager, much less anyone above them until you pay your bill down to zero. I have been told that several times by different employees, who all happen to work in the customer service department. Interesting, no?

But it’s my fault according to them. I must have refreshed the page 4 times. I absolutely did  not. But the payments were made at different times, so I must have. It absolutely could not be that their site is FUBARED and did this on it’s own. Certainly not the perfect and always right Dish Network! It was my fault, not theirs. If I put a stop payment on those extra payments, I would be charged  returned check fees by them and lose my check writing privileges for six months. Their site screws up royally, STEALS money from me, and I get penalized if I try to get my money back so that I can feed my family for the next week. Does this sound fair to anyone? Because it sure as hell sounds like highway robbery to me.

After a bit of back and forth, I asked to speak to their Executive Resolution Department. I was told I could only speak to a supervisor and I shouldn’t speak to his anyway because he was going to tell me the exact same thing. I asked to be transferred to the supervisor anyway. I ask him to transfer me to the Executive resolution Department. He told me it did not exist and I could call back in the morning and speak to a manager, but as far as there being any department in existence above a manager, it absolutely did not exist. I told him he was lying through his teeth and hung up. Saturday morning, I called Dish Network again, but instead of going to the customer service department, I went to technical assistance. And what do you know, when I asked to be transferred to the Executive Resolution department, I was transferred immediately.

I guess they do exist, huh?

Unfortunately, the person in this department, the one that is supposed to be able to override systems, told me the same thing and blamed me for the extra payments. Supposedly, I can get my money back….after the check or checks have cleared my bank account and are in their system for TEN DAYS. I can call in and request a refund {Which I highly doubt they will give me in the first place} and three to five business days later, I may or may not have MY MONEY deposited back into my checking account. Minus, of course, any balance owing on my account. And of course there is a balance on my account because the new bill was generated the day after the payments were made. This is a bill I have not received in the mail yet. However, if any of these UNAUTHORIZED payments bounce, I will be charged for bounced check fees and not allowed to pay my bill by check for six months. I told him that they were all a bunch of thieves and hung up. Again.

Do you see how their system is designed to penalize the customer, the very thing that allows them to have a company in the first place, and let them off Scott free?

This is not the first time that their website has screwed up on me. New Year’s Eve 2008, I paid my bill using their website. I even called to make sure that the payment was logged into their precious system. I was told that the payment was indeed pending and all was right with the world. Then about 3 pm on New Year’s Day, our service was disconnected. When I called to find out why, I was told I had not made a payment. I told them I had, gave them confirmation numbers and even offered to email them the screen shot I had taken of the confirmation page.

I was told I had to pay the next two month’s bills in advance in order to get my service turned back on. When I asked what had happened to the payment I had made the night  before, I was told that it had gotten stuck in the system and there was nothing I could do about it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told until I paid my bill, I was not allowed to talk to anyone higher than a customer service agent. Actually, this is something that has been told to me before. Dish Network’s company policy is to not allow their customers to complain to any higher ups until they get their money. I was told that as soon as I pay my bill, I could be transferred anywhere I wanted to, but the money had to come first.

It is all designed to let Dish Network off the hook for anything going wrong at all.

Again, Dish Network’s “system” screws up, and the customer not only gets penalized, but blamed for the blatant ineptitude of the customer service agents and their computer system.

This is, apparently, the way that the CEO of Dish Network, Charlie Ergen, wants it. He touts that the customers are his priority, but he obviously lies. If this were the case, then my money would have already been returned to me, either by direct deposit or by canceling the second unauthorized transaction so that I was not charged a $31 overdraft fee from my bank. I actually was charged two fees, one for the second payment that was paid by my bank and one for the check I wrote for The Diva’s school pictures, which bounced.

Tell me how this is OK in anybody’s book of morals? You can’t because it isn’t right.

As soon as I can, I am switching to Direct TV. I heard that their customer service is as stellar as their programming. And they carry Sprout TV, something I want for The Diva anyway.

Dish Network can either do the right thing or they will lose more than just this customer. This isn’t just some little mom blog. I’ve been doing this for a while and get almost 11,000 visitors each month. I have friends who get double or triple that many views per month. I intend for this to go viral. Let’s see how Dish Network likes their shady customer practices spread all over the interwebs, shall we?

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  1. Yikes Shan, that sucks! Although I never had a problem with dish, I did have something similar happen with Fairpoint Communications, our phone and internet company.

    I hope they do the right thing.
    I retweeted to my 3000+ Twitter Followers.

  2. LadyStyx says:

    01) File a detailed report with all the screen shots, pictures, etc to the BBB. Surprising how fast customer service gets corrected and how much ass-kissing one receives from a company when you squeak loud enough to the right people.

    02) Consider doing a video or series of videos regarding this problem. You’ll reach a whole new audience there as well. With a blog entry AND a video going viral about their horrid service, they’ll want to get things fixed and fast.

    03) Check into a consumer complaint department for your local tv stations. See if there is someone there who will do an article and get it aired about this situation.

    The more sources used will garner and even larger audience. Might actually get many more to step forward and file complaints.

    • Shan says:

      I’m going to look on The Consumerist for any complaints. I was told that is where you get action from if you need it.

      Thank you for the tips, though. I will look into them all.

  3. Alison says:

    That is just horrible! I really hope you get this fixed Shan! I tweeted it out.
    Alison recently posted..Holiday Gift Guide- Hello Kitty Online – Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Chandler Rose says:

    I am a Dish Network customer and I haven’t experienced anything like that. It’s a shame it happened but I highly doubt that it is a regular occurrence.

  5. Anthony says:

    I feel for you. They did the same thing to me. Only Bank of America ended up charging me 280 in overdraft fees to add on top of that. Dish said they needed my credit card number just to verify who I was. I did NOT give them permission to deduct from it automatically at all yet they did it anyway. How come there is no one out there that helps people that gets ripped off like this? Not only did they charge my account 4 times but the installer destroyed the building and made it so that my landlord decreed no more satellite dishes in the building for anyone ever again.

    • Shan says:

      That sucks. I wish there was some kind of program that could keep these people in check, but there isn’t. Dish Network keeps doing this to people because no one stops them.

  6. Dennis says:

    Stole 600.00 from me !!

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