Exactly HOW Desperate Was I?

[ 5 ] February 25, 2009 |
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Desperate enough to call my Mother and ask to borrow 500 bucks to get my car fixed!! Holy crap! Did I really do that??? And did she actually agree to loan it to me? Yes, but not without a lot of hmmmm-in and haaww-in AND a signed promissory note to pay her back!

Part I: Desperation Is The Mother Of Invention

{Thank you, Mom for the loan. I truly appreciate it. But was it really necessary to ask for a signed I.O.U. and a promise of bringing my baby to see you this week-end (provided the car is fixed by then)? I didn’t ask you to give me an I.O.U. when I sent you the $60 at Thanksgiving {that I really didn’t have AND you got pissed off because I didn’t get it wired to you quickly enough! But you said you had no money or food and I couldn’t let you starve. You are still my Mother, after all}. You still haven’t paid me back or said “thank you”.

You live completely rent/food free with my In~Laws. You have NO bills. AT ALL. You only have to pay for your cigarettes, medication and personal items. What a deal you have there! And yet you make me jump through hoops of fire because I am desperate and you know it! Oh, and by the way, I don’t remember getting a promissory note when you SPENT my college fund! You do realize, Mom, that because my college fund was a loan from a bank and my name was on that paper, even though YOU took control of the money and wouldn’t let me see a dime of it or have access to it when I needed it, then filed for bankruptcy, that I had to make arrangements to pay it back, right? When I couldn’t make the payments, it went on MY credit/TRW. But that’s another story entirely...

I really do appreciate the loan. Truly, I do. And I will pay you back just like I said I would. But why, oh, why is everything always a battle with you? OY VIE!!!}

So, yes, my friends, my car will hopefully be running again in just a couple of days. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that the repairs don’t cost more than what I borrowed, please?

Part II: Dude, where’s my car??

I called the repair shop recommended to me by the Bureau of Automotive Repair for my Smog Check and they were so helpful! They referred me to a tow company who would give me a deal if I dropped their name {Yay!}. I also decided to give this mechanic a shot at fixing my car as well as completing the Smog stuff {I figured I could get it all done in one fell swoop}. I called the tow shop, gave him my address, told him where to take my car {and that my vehicle needed to be there before 6pm}, dropped the mechanic’s name, was assured of the discount, left my Husband to wait for the tow truck and had my neighbor take me to get my money and to the new shop. Whew! That was a mouthful!

When we got to the shop, Marty {my new mechanic} had no idea where my car was. UMMM, WTF?? So I asked if I could call the tow truck dude and find out what the deal~eyo was, of course he said yes. Here is where it got a little weird {OK, let’s be honest, my whole life is weird. Random strange sh!% always happens to MOI!}…Tow dude had NO CLUE who I was or where my car was or was supposed to be! Again, WTF?

I then called the alternate number, was profusely apologized to and told they would get right on it {apparently my “ticket” got lost in the digital ether}. Marty, on the other hand was not amused and said that I would only have to pay their severely discounted rate for the tow {tow truck dude is his partner’s Uncle} and that my vehicle would be picked up first thing tomorrow morning because the shop was closing in all of 10 minutes. I was also told that this was not normal for tow truck dude at all. He was usually very professional and accurate. I am not sure right now if this is an omen or not, but as I said before, random bizarre sh!% always happens to me. Don’t ask, I don’t understand it either!!

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  1. ChicagoLady says:

    The good news is you get a nice discount after all this. Hopefully the new mechanic can fix the car so it works AND fixes the emmission problem.

    I’m happy you got the money, but sorry you had to grovel to your mom for it. I know you won’t give in to her any more than it absolutely necessary.

  2. Claire says:

    oh my goodness, what a MESS!!

  3. LadyStyx says:

    Damn. After all that sh&!, I needa drink. Screw that, I needed one back up with the mom mess….

  4. Court says:

    Oh my man are you having a rough go, I agree I need a drink after that!

  5. KSS says:

    two things:

    First you need to get yourself and my niece the hell out of the peoples republic of California quick, fast and in a hurry.

    Second, where in the name of holy hell is mom getting all this money all of a sudden that she can loan you 500 smackers??

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