Fan Is Short For Fanatic

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So of course I pick the one month to do NaBloPoMo where the subject is something way hard, right? I mean thirty days of posts about the meaning of the word fan? How am I going to accomplish this? I’m sure all my readers, of which I seem to have none of lately, will be bored to tears if I write about all the various TV shows, songs, music groups and books I like. I want to engage people and keep them coming back, not send them screaming away in terror or disgust. I can bitch about all the things I don’t like, but then I’ll come off sounding like a raving lunatic…wait, I think I might resemble that remark.

Did I mention that I run a web design business all by my lonesome self and that is the main reason I haven’t been blogging like I used to for the last, oh, YEAR? But, I know I can write and do it well. I’m just not sure how deep and thought provoking a month of fluff posts will be. Or if I will even be able to keep it up. Last time I tried this, our checking account got hacked and everything went to hell in a hand basket. Here goes day 3 of NaBloPoMo…

fan –

1889, Amer.Eng., originally of baseball enthusiasts, probably a shortening of fanatic, but may be influenced by the Fancy  (1807), a collective term for followers of a certain hobby or sport(especially boxing). There is an isolated use from 1682, but the modern word is likely a new formation.

I once heard Prince say, in one of his rare television interviews, that he did not like to call his admirers “fans” because it was short for fanatic and that meant crazy; he prefers to call them friends. I kind of like that, but I’m sure he would have no problem calling Whitney Houston a crazy bitch fan considering he banned her from all of his shows. Still not sure why he did that but you have to admit it’s hilarious.

So expect posts having to do with being a fan, in all their forms. And the kind that can cool you off on a hot Summer day.

I think.


Something like that.


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