If You Want Something Done Right, Do It Yourself: Small Talk Six

[ 3 ] February 20, 2010 |
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It’s time, once again, for Small talk Six! On Saturdays presented by MomDot.com. Today’s topic is “6 things you would rather do yourself, even if you could pay someone else to do them”. You can answer this with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences. 6 paragraphs, 6 photos, 6 videos, etc…

Oh boy. I am not as much of a control freak as I used to be. Having a child will remove that particular quirk from your personality pretty quickly. However, having  just had the scariest 50 hours a mother can have {The Diva was in the hospital with pneumonia and RSV and was just released this afternoon}, there are a couple of things I wish I had had complete control over.

1) Considering the doc in the box did not order a chest X-Ray and prescribed liquid Albuterol for a 4 year old he diagnosed with pneumonia, which caused her to have severe breathing problems, and we had to rush her to the ER two hours later,  I would rather be the one ordering and reading the medical test results for my daughter. Yeah, I know I’m not a doctor, but I knew more than the ones at the ER Thursday night!

Even if I had the money to hire a nanny, I still believe that if you have a child, you raise that child and don’t pawn them off on other people because “you have a life to lead”. Once you have kids, they are your life. Hiring a sitter is of course not what I am talking about. Everyone needs a night away from the kids every so often.

3) Cooking. I would, however, pay someone to do all the grunt work for me such as cleaning up, chopping, slicing, etc.

Decorating. I want to pick it out, put it together, but have someone else do all the laborious parts. 😛

Packing or unpacking. Whenever I have let someone “help”, my stuff invariably ends up lost or broken.

Driving my child or myself anywhere. I do not do well in a car driven by someone who doesn’t put on the brakes when I think they should or who drives like a bat out of hell. Oh wait, I’m talking about my Husband. 😀 This is why I usually drive everywhere we go. Less anxiety attacks for me and less of me screaming at him to slow down or “Brakes. Brakes. BRAKES!!!!

OK, I’m in a bit of a raw state having just spent the last 50 hours in a hospital praying my baby girl would be OK, cursing the idiot doctors, the stupid parents of her classmate that sent their son to school with a pneumonia-like cough that The Diva caught and myself for not seeing that this was way more serious than a cold virus much sooner. Oh and that damn sleep chair they give you when you stay the night in your child’s hospital room. It’s pure torture.


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  1. Amanda says:

    I sleep in self defense when my husband drives sometimes. I know he’s only doing what he needs to do to get through traffic, but dayum. Of course they don’t call the interstate Nascar 81 by our house for nothing either. I’d rather he drive and I sleep than for me to go through the stress of white knuckling it through the traffic myself.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..What I Do When I Can’t Sleep =-.

  2. Allison says:

    I agree with you on almost all of them…I always think I know more than the doctors when it comes to my kids…and I’m pretty sure medical degree or not I do know what’s best for my kids. I hope she’s feeling much better now!

    Though I would SO pay someone to cook for me if I could because it is the one thing I detest!
    .-= Allison ´s last blog ..Cabin rental in Gatlinburg, TN…HELP! =-.

  3. Great list..I would SO have someone cook for me!

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