I’m A Cool Mom? Ummm, Yeah, Okie Dokie, Then!

[ 3 ] April 3, 2009 |
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Results: The Cool Mom

(I want to take it again and this time lie…)

You are the Mother we all love to hate because you’re so damn POPULAR. Your kids love to be with you and yet you don’t let them push you or anyone else around. You are also able to chill out and let the little punks monkey around and get messy. You also don’t mind getting messy with them. You’re tons of fun: you throw yourself into kids play with great passion! Forts, crafts, soccer games, you do it all! You do your best to get the kids a healthy meal but if pizza pops up three nights in a row, so be it. It’s hard to find fault with your type so please be prepared to have friends begin to hate you or exhibit extreme jealousy. Enjoy!

Guess a friend’s True Mom Style!

Speaking of friends…think you can guess their “mom types”? We double dog dare ya to try!

How it works:

Click here to see a full list of True Mom Types and Tattoos. Read through the quirky descriptions and select a type you think fits your friend. Click “email my friend” and we’ll send her a message that says something like “Hey – Jen thinks you are a Mosh-Pitt Mama. Is she right? Take the JuiceBoxJungle Truth & Dare quiz and see!” When your friend comes and takes the quiz, you’ll get an email letting you know if you were right!

I wish this were true, but sadly, not exactly! What will your results be?


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  1. I didn’t lie and it came up as…….a Military Monkey, lmao!! Oh well, I guess it fits…

  2. ChicagoLady says:

    Wow, you don’t like getting messy with The Diva? You don’t eat pizza three nights in a row? And I had such high hopes for you! LOL

  3. LadyStyx says:

    I ended up as the chick with the whip. Maybe it’s a good thing I havent had kids yet, eh?

    Oh and the Wordle is scheduled for 7am on my site. Ummm PG13 and a no food or drink on first viewing. Fair warning!

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