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[ 4 ] January 22, 2009 |
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Now that we have a black President, will it be considered a hate crime or racism to make fun of him, as all political satirists/comics have done with every other Head Cheese? I mean really, do we have to tread lightly here? If he pulls some boneheaded move, shouldn’t we be allowed to joke about it? Doesn’t the fact that he is Commander In Chief kind of give us free reign on this?

I have already heard some horribly racist jokes about free flowing grape drink, watermelon and Church’s Fried Chicken in D.C.. I am not talking about that. I am talking about true humor derived from the actions or words of our new administration. Think of how many comics will eventually be out of work if they can’t use him as fodder for their material. Our economy is already in the toilet, do we really need to add more to the unemployment rolls?

I am sure there are comedians chomping at the bit to say something but are afraid of repercussions. Politics are the meat for many of my favorite comedian’s routines. What will Chris Rock, George Lopez or Carlos Mencia do without political satire?

I do need to say something about the Neighborhood Ball…if you watched it, didn’t it seem more like an awards show than a Presidential Ball? My husband and I kept waiting for the envelops to be opened. It was just…ODD. The DJ, the serenading…it was just weird. And did you catch this guy?

He used to be this guy! I’m not kidding. It’s Sting. Holy Crap! Why is he so grizzled? I guess that’s what Liberalism and Tantric sex does to ya!

Well, that’s my post and I’m sticking to it!

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  1. you are a doll for posting the widget!!! Can I just tell you how much I love the fact that we are so polar opposite on politics?! I truly makes me take the time to try and see it all from your side :)I think that is wonderful!

  2. Love this post, your views are much like my own…
    And heck, what happened to Sting????


  3. Cassie says:

    Just found your blog & sure am enjoying it! Your brother's post was excellent also. I hope for the best for our country, and shutter to think what may happen. Once Guantanimo is gone there will be a whole nother bunch of loonies running loose. God help us.

  4. ChicagoLady says:

    On the radio this morning they were discussing with callers about the dolls that Ty is selling, in the likeness of the two Obama girls. The question was will they get teased, is it wrong, should they have been paraded around by their parents? Some very interesting comments by people calling in.

    I think this Obamania has gone too far. It’s like millions of people have been put under mind-control. Maybe that’s what he’s using the Blackberry for! To control his millions of minions!!!!!!!

    I truly hope comedians are able to make jokes about the Pres, without it becoming racial.

    And what’s up with Sting? He’s looking a little rough around the edges these days.

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