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[ 7 ] June 24, 2009 |
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{Sorry this is late, my browser crashed…DAMN IT ALL}

At Grandpa’s house on Father’s Day. She just loves his

beautiful flowers and wants to pick them all. Grandpa said “nooo” & that did not make The Diva happy. At. All.

But he made up for it by giving her {me} some Asian Lily seedlings to plant at our house. He also gave her {me} a whole bunch of different seeds to plant. I really have a black thumb, so we will see how it goes…

One of the photos I entered into the Parents Magazine Cover Model Photo Contest. Hopefully The Diva will at least become a semi-finalist {Talent agents see those ones}. And there is also a contest attached to the big one to win $10,000!! That would be very cool.

Would any of you mind going to her page and voting for her? The voting/favoriting of the entries doesn’t get her to win the big contest, but it will help with the fan favorite contest. A big thank you if you do go vote for her!

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  1. I'll GO VOTE. can I get a favor too. A comment on a blog post please


    in a contest and I need comments
    thanks a bunch

  2. thanks did I vote right? can you tell I think my screen name was momof2+1 love that blk and white. good luck Hope she wins She is beautiful

  3. Eleana says:

    She's lovely and so cute next to the flowers she couldn't pick :o)

  4. Drahdrah says:

    She's beautiful !

  5. LadyStyx says:

    The BW photo is gorgeous. I've got my vote in for ya.

  6. The Diva is simply adorable.

  7. PixelShots says:

    hi frnd, u have done great job here….thanx for sharing your kids pic to us…u are blessed to get a cute lovely child like her…hope she may win the cover page contest..u know what…the very first pic,whre she sits disappointed infront of the flowers attracted me most and tells a lot about her innocent child thoughts.. the innocence and the cuteness in her face is awesome…

    my work: http://www.pixelshots.blogspot.com

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