Luggage For Kids, Letters To Breathe And Other Random Things {Asylum Announcements}

[ 2 ] May 21, 2010 |
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Hey there inmates! I have a couple of things I would like to share with you today. I have been very busy making pretty blogs for people and getting them switched over to WordPress. I am also working on the Brandy’s Battle Fundraiser Auction.  We still need bigger ticket items to auction off, such as, amusement/water park passes, spa days, a house, a new car, a Nikon DSLR…{Kidding…sort of….} If your interested, contact me using the form here. Shan’s Week~End Wordles should be back in full swing this coming weekend. So get your posts all ready to link up Saturday morning. 😀

Ok first up is Letters To Breathe. It’s a very cool site where you can publish that letter you never had the courage to send, tell off that person that hurt you or tell a family member how you feel without actually having to say it to their face.

Have you ever had something to say to someone but couldn’t because of the potential repercussions? Maybe your boss is a jerk, or your friend hurt your feelings- at Letters to Breathe you can read and submit anonymous letters to anyone, about anything.  There are no limits or rules (which means there is some cussing on the site!).  There are letters to the deceased, to ex-lovers, to companies, even to God.  Submitting a letter is easy and free, and always anonymous- you don’t even have to put in your email address, and even if you do it is not public.

Reading and commenting on the letters is also a great therapy, you may see others in your position and be able to offer advice or support. You may not agree with a letter, feel free to say what you feel- even in the comments.  Being able to get these things off your chest by commenting or submitting a letter can help you to finally ‘breathe’ again.

Next up are a few cool things I found that I thought you might be interested in…Ok they are actually from my Big Bro, but they are really good, in my opinion, and I wanted to share them with you. Who is going to fault me for nepotism on my own site? 😛

Big Bro has come up with a way to help us Moms flatten our bellies post-baby and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Hell I don’t think it will cost you anything at all. So go check this out and give it a shot. Couldn’t hurt right? Swimsuit season is upon us and you can’t hide anything in those damn things!

lens11094911_1274308024trunki_small Big Bro also found Trunki luggage for kids. They come in really cool colors/ shapes and your kids can ride on them if they get tired of walking to the other side of the damn airport. BONUS: there will be no mistaking who the luggage belongs to. They even have one that looks like a ladybug and you know The Diva will go crazy for that. And the fact she can ride it like a pony.

Then he found a way to make a toddler safe PC using Linux. Or is it Ubuntu? I don’t know. All I know is it looks like you can let your kid play on a computer without fear that she will use your credit card, accidentally get to a porn site or crash your hard drive. And those are always plusses in my book. Oh and it has Eskimos. I like Eskimos. They’re so dang cute!


Please do not forget about Brandy’s Battle and auction. You can donate here or you can email me here if you would like to help in some way. Please spread the word and help us bring in the most money we can to help Brandy pay for her surgery.

**I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post, unless you count the undying love of my Big Bro and him admitting that I know more about WordPress than he does. Cause that? That’s PRICELESS.**

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