Stupid, Deluded Man!!!

[ 12 ] January 12, 2009 |
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My husband has decided that I spend entirely too much time on the PC. His solution? “I swear I am going to throw that thing out!”

OH, REALLY, NOW? He is threatening me with throwing out nearly $1000 worth of PC equipment because he thinks I spend too much time on it? (While at the same time, he is looking for deals on web cams & memory) He actually said that other than eating, going to the bathroom (he used another word) & sleeping, I do NOTHING else but sit on the computer! Sometimes he is such an idiot!

I guess our almost 4 year old daughter fends for herself all day while he is at work! She must cook for herself, clean up her own messes, dress herself, do her own laundry & grocery shopping. She must have also taught herself to speak, eat, draw & learned right from wrong all by her lonesome self because her Mama (me) ignores her all day long in favor of the computer! Such delusions of grandeur he has! You would think after 20 years together, he would know not to mess with me like that. Stupid man!

He doesn’t get that this PC is my connection to the outside world. I am a SAHM. I talk to a preschooler all day. All my real life friends and/or family live in other states or other counties. The only person I talk to that I can actually see with my own two eyes is my neighbor, Maria. She’s the best neighbor we have ever had. Her 4 year old son, Alex, & The Diva are “betrothed”. I call him “my future son-in-law”. I know it probably won’t happen, but they are just adorable together. But I digress…

Back to my husband…I guess he is the one who pays all the bills & makes sure we have something left to live on after everything is sent off? NOT!! It’s me. All me. He eats, sleeps, showers, goes to work, repeats. Every day. I take care of everything else. Oh, and he washes his own clothes, the towels & blankets (sometimes), takes out the trash & occasionally cooks dinner. That’s about it. I am grateful that he has a job with benefits that makes a decent living, but come on!

He also said that if I was making money from this “blogging thing” it would be different. But I am not, so it’s just an obsession/addiction. Like your need to Google “big boobs” & porn when you get on the computer, honey? “Blogging thing”??? What nerve!! Doesn’t he know that you are all my friends? That I live for comments as validation that someone, other than myself, thinks what I have to say is worth something? Does he not understand that it takes time to stalk all the blogs that I do from my Google Reader? Does he not get that I have to write good posts to get people to read my blog (and get them to even see my ads) & that can take forever some days (well, most days) because it is almost impossible to compose a complete, cohesive, rational thought with The Diva interrupting me every five minutes. He is delusional. And stupid. And…A MAN! OY!!!

His next “edict” was that I need to go get a job. A real job. UMMM, I am a SAHM. That IS my job. And I don’t get paid for it. Ever. I read a story a while back that said if we SAHMs got paid for everything that we do, our salaries would be over 120k per year. That’s more than what he makes. But does he get that? NOOOOOOOOOO! MEN!!

I almost forgot…in his tunnel vision (a horrible male trait that must be weeded out immediately), it would be simple for me to just go get a job. HMMMM, let’s see…we have one car, so transportation is a big issue. And he never knows from day to day if he is going to work overtime, much less how long the overtime is going to last. It could be an hour, it could be 2 or 3. We never know for sure. No child care, so going to an interview is almost impossible. Not to mention who is going to watch my child if I do go to work AND how are we going to pay them? Daycare is expensive. The one place I found that I would be willing to leave my baby costs $179 per week. And there is this little thing called the economy…as in it is failing and people are losing their jobs left & right. Stupid, stupid man!

It is more financially sound for me to stay home with our daughter. If she gets sick, she can’t go to daycare. If she can’t go to daycare, then someone has to stay home to take care of her, most likely me. So that would mean one or more days of lost wages, still paying the same amount for daycare (they don’t pro-rate) & a likely pissed off boss because the new girl called in sick.

And there is the very big “If” of not even making enough in said job to cover the expenses of working (clothing, gas, etc.) & paying for daycare. My going back to work, if we could find a way to make it work, would likely put us in the hole financially. Unless, of course, I was making just as much or more than his current salary. I have done all the thinking on this one. I see the forest for the trees. He, on the other hand, has some mental block/brain fart that prevents this from occurring. Why can’t men see the whole picture? EVER?

It’s not like I am not trying to help out our finances. Nearly everything I buy is on clearance or with a coupon. I try not to pay full price for anything. Clearance is my friend. I don’t go to the salon or get my nails done except every 3 months or so, finances permitting. I haven’t had new clothes in forever. Or a bra. Or underwear. He buys new underwear monthly. Why, I have no idea. He is forever getting holes in them or some other misfortune befalls them requiring immediate replacement.

And, even though I haven’t found anything yet, I am still looking for a legitimate online job. One exists out there, I am sure of it. But I will probably only find it when I get to the end of the Internet. I do have a request of you, my dear readers, if you cannot buy anything from my store, then please at least check it out in case you want to buy something later on. Please have a look at my other affiliate ads to see if anything piques your interest. Please?


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  1. ChicagoLady says:

    Men really are stupid! And you didn’t need to convince us, we already knew it, lol.

    I clicked on a bunch of your google ads (I think) since I’m not sure how your store thingy works.

  2. LadyStyx says:

    *shakes head* Sometimes they just dont think ahead on stuff like that!

  3. Ok, I feel badly for you…I’m going to click on your add.

  4. Hugs to you honey!! Some men never get it, some men get it eventually and some are just born smart enough to listen to us!

    I love staying home and my husband prefers that I stay home….unless I really want to work.

    And sometimes men are stressing about one thing, and vent about something else entirely. You know you are loved, so keep that PC safe, ok??

  5. I seem to be the only male commenting here…but I have no intention of defending my tribe or denouncing them either.
    Just found a nice blog to read hence the comment.
    Hats off to you grit!!!

    Hope you have a great year ahead!!!

    Oops!Almost for got to mention…I clicked on an ad.

  6. I clicked on ALL the ads, lol!

    As for the “freak toe” thing, Thomas has it and it was one of the first things we checked The Bella for……and sure enough – SHE HAS IT!

    So it’s just a cute thing we have going on in our family. So no need to slink off!!

  7. Me says:

    I sense a little hostility. NO? Okay, maybe I was mistaken!

  8. I sense a little hostility. NO? Okay, maybe I was mistaken!

  9. Heatherlyn says:

    Oh, I’m sorry. Your hubby better watch what he says because you can blog about him online! I have to say, not all men are like that. I think it’s not a man thing, but a people thing, some people just see what they want to. Being a SAHM IS a full-time job!!!!!

  10. bob says:

    i am man.
    i make manstakes.
    it completes me.

    it sounds like your husband is a man.

    good luck.

  11. Robert Crane says:

    i am man.i make completes sounds like your husband is a man.good luck.

  12. Diver Daisy says:

    Fun and funny posts. I am enjoying reading. I wound up here because I was “tagged.” I had to search for 6 random blogs and tag them, so you are it (and you probably are IT 🙂
    I understand how they “just don’t get it.” Hubby can’t believe anyone would even read a post where I ramble on about absolutely nothing. And once HE said he was going to cut off the internet! HA

    The “rules” are that you post six random things about yourself and tag six random others. Kinda makes the world smaller and makes us stretch out 🙂
    I am everything daisy, photo daisy, and diver daisy (all my blogs).

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