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[ 2 ] November 24, 2008 |
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So I am a little behind on the entries for this contest, so just bear with me (I’ve got 8 of these to make up!). I’ve been busy doing…well I don’t really know what I have been doing. The time & days are just flying by for me lately. Where I live, it is just now fall. And Thanksgiving is in 3 days! Last week we were wearing shorts & sandals!

No before you all say, “Well I would love to live there!” , let me tell you…no you wouldn’t. It is uber expensive to live here, the Summers last forever with Santa Ana winds all year long, dry weather, fires, mudslides (if it even rains)…I hate it! I want to live some place that has more than 2 seasons. I would like to make a snowman in the yard at Christmastime. I would like to see the leaves change in the Fall. But I digress…

The question for today is to introduce you all to my family by showing pictures of Christmases past…so here you go. Enjoy!


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Our 1st Christmas as a family, 2005
Ro was 9 mos. old
(Check out my boots! I love those boots.)
Yeah, I went a little crazy with the pictures that year, but it was her 1st…
This is my favorite picture. I even made it into a Christmas ornament.
The photographer took this picture on her own, but I am glad that she did.
How cute is she??
My husband’s favorite picture from that year.
He got her to stand just long enough for this to be snapped.
Ro was already taking her 1st “all by herself” steps by then! My smart girl!!
Christmas 2006. We were getting ready to move New Year’s week-end.
We were tired from the Christmas rush & packing on top of that.
The obligatory Christmas pajama picture.
(1 year 9 mos. old)
Christmas 2007
I love the pictures of each of us with Rowan.
They turned out really well.
(2 years 9 mos. old)
I had to include this because of the “scary elf” pic.
Too funny!

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  1. I love looking back on Christmas pictures it is amazing how much everyone changes over the years.

  2. ChicagoLady says:

    What cute pictures!

    I remember one Christmas I spent in CA (Simi Valley to be specific), and on Christmas Eve, sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor with my sister and two nephews (same age as my sister and I). In the morning, they all told me I was talking in my sleep about wanting to go outside to make a snowman.

    To a lifelong midwesterner, it almost doesn’t seem like Christmas to have temps in the 60’s or 70’s (or warmer), with Christmas lights strung on the PALM TREES????

    Now that I’m older, I’ll gladly switch locations for Christmas with you. You can come here for the rain and ice and snow, and I’ll bask in the heat after opening my presents.

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