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[ 1 ] November 24, 2008 |
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We would like to know what is your favorite holiday memory from your childhood.

Oh, wow! There are so many! I always looked forward to Christmas Eve because it was always spent with my Dad. For some reason, that was always the day he picked to go shopping for Mom. At first, it was my brother, Dad & I, but Kevin got older (he’s 6 years older than me) & it ended up being just me and Daddy.

We would wake up early & go out to breakfast, where we would discuss what Mom wanted for Christmas. I, of course, was armed not only with a written list provided by Mom herself, but visuals of the items shown to me by Mom & told “Tell your Dad I want this.” Yep, that was my family!

You would think that we would have been in a relative hell as far as shopping for that day, but surprisingly, no. We always found parking in the first aisle we went down. We used to joke, “See they knew Jim Smith was coming!” We also would get unexpected discounts when we went to pay for the items. It was kind of weird, but totally cool at the same time!

When we were done, we would go home, lock ourselves in Mom & Dad’s room, turn up the Christmas tunes & wrap, wrap, wrap! My Dad was an amazing gift wrapper! They always looked professionally done. I miss that!

One year, we got Mom this HUGE painting as a gift. There was no way to wrap it, so we decided to make it a treasure hunt! We hid the painting in my bedroom closet. Then we got a ton of gold ribbon that was sticky on one side, wrote some clues & put up the maze. Mom woke up to a ribbon that went from her nightstand to the downstairs bathroom. Then a clue directing her to the back door. Then more ribbon to Dad’s car in the garage. Then another clue. Then more ribbon to the fridge. Then more ribbon to my brother Kevin’s room. Then another clue. Then more ribbon to their closet. Then another clue. Then more ribbon to my room and a clue that said “Look in the closet”. There she found her painting.

She loved the gift, but was actually rather pissed off about the treasure hunt!

I have a lot more memories that i could share, but it would end up being a novel! Those are two of my favorites. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed remembering them!

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  1. ChicagoLady says:

    I remember one Christmas as a kid, not only were my grandparents visiting from Kansas, but my aunt and uncle came in from Chicago (we were living in Iowa at the time). My grandparents got the hide-a-bed in the guest bedroom, and my aunt and uncle took my sister’s and my beds, so that left my sister and I with nothing. In addition to the normal tradition of one present opened on Christmas Eve, we got to also open one special present each. Sleeping bags!

    The present my sister chose to open was a Monopoly game, and I remember my aunt sitting with us on the floor teaching us to play. And she made sure we pronounced Reading Railroad correctly, lol.

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