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[ 7 ] January 8, 2009 |

What have I learned in the eight short days of this year?

Well, I learned that if you try to start an uncooperative car too many times in a row you will fry the starter and have to be towed home. I also learned that when your trusted mechanic of 10 years DIES in August of last year, you do not wait until your car dies to find a new one.

  • One tow charge from gas station to home $ 67.00
  • Bill for auto parts store (we thought we could fix it) $ 75.00
  • One tow charge from home to new mechanic $ 60.00
  • Charge to fix my car at new mechanic’s shop $369.00


  • TOTAL BILL In 5 Days Time $571.00

Happy New Year to me. Happy New Year to me. Happy New Year, dear bonehead. Happy New Year to me!

I have also learned that having the flu since Christmas Day has some upsides & downsides…

Downside…my ears are all clogged up & I can’t hear much of anything. Which also means I can’t hear The Diva when she wakes up before me & decides to wreak havoc on my poor little house!

Upside…my ears are all clogged up & I can’t hear much of anything. Which also means I don’t hear Hubby snore loud enough to wake the dead, the neighbor’s barking dogs, the other idiot neighbor’s loud music at 5 am or the screaming kids next door, also at 5 am.

Getting a few days of blissfully peaceful sleep….PRICELESS!!!

Downside…I run a fever off & on throughout the day. All I want to do is crawl into bed & snuggle up for a long nap. But I have to take care of my beautiful, highly intelligent, extremely inquisitive not quite 4 year old (who is also getting sick) all day while my Husband is at work. My house is filthy, I have piles of laundry & I do not have the energy to do anything about it. So not fun & really rather draining.

Upside…when Hubby comes home, I act just a little more sick than I really am. He, in turn, takes care of The Diva, let’s me take a nap and makes me soup for dinner.

Being sick for the last 2 weeks and not being able to clean my house…SUCKS!

Having my Husband cook dinner & let me nap…AWESOME!!!

My lifeoh my life is so not fun at the moment. I’m broke from Christmas & car repairs. And on top of what we just paid out in the last few days, we got 3 new tires on the car 2 days before Christmas…to the tune of $289.00!!

My husband did get me my first digital camera for Christmas, so it isn’t all bad. Now, once I figure out how to do it, I can post video of The Diva so you can all see her in her full glory.

Oh, yes, how could I forget? My Mother arrives at LAX sometime this evening. OH JOY!!
My FIL will be picking her up & bringing her back to his house to live until she screws up so badly that he sends her packing. Which, inevitably, I will be blamed for (by the SIL & BIL, of course) because she is MY Mother & somehow that makes me responsible for her actions. Makes perfect sense, right?

Now instead of trying to control my life (& driving me insane) from 3000 miles away, she can try to do it from a mere 30 miles away. Wonderful! Does this mean I have to invite her to The Diva’s birthday party? Craptastic!!

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  1. I’m so sorry about the car! I can completely empathize. When it rains it pours!

  2. I’m sorry you’re sick. Once Jeannie’s done with her house, she can come over and help you with yours! Can’t wait to see pictures and video of The Diva when you have the energy to figure it all out.

  3. Well at least you have your health!! Oh wait, you don’t!

    OK, you’re screwed!!

    LOL! Still love me???

  4. Me says:

    Talk about some lessons truly learned the hard way!

  5. Talk about some lessons truly learned the hard way!

  6. LadyStyx says:

    *laffz@ Chicago getting Queenie drafted for more housework*

    Really sucks that you’re ill though. You said it got backed up into your ears, have they checked your sinuses for a deviated septum? I’ve got a slight one that tends to back even the mildest of colds up and into my left ear. When the sinuses go bad, I end up with ear infections.

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