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Yes, I am, in fact, a masochist. I am attempting NaBloPoMo for the month of June. The Diva just got out of school for the Summer and fittingly, this month’s topic is fan.

I am now tasked with publishing a post every single day of June with the subject of fan – real or imagined. I wonder if I can use fanatic as well? Fan, as in being a fan of, is short for fanatic…That gives me some ideas…

I am not a big fan of any sports teams, having been tortured as a child by my father and big bro by their obsession love of all things football. If the TV in the living room went out on game day, it was my TV that was taken from my room and placed on top of the broken one so that there would be no interruption in football viewing. It did not matter that there was a television in both my big bro and parent’s rooms, no not at all. It was me who was punished by the loss of her TV to preserve the father-son bonding that is football games.


Mama needs this. Are you listening, Dyson?

I am, however, a fan of music, books, television shows, products, etc. I also have a dire need for good actual fans in my home due to our lack of central air conditioning in a home smack in the middle of the desert. It gets hot here, y’all. Real hot. Burn your face off, if you are translucent you will burn up in 10 seconds hot. Yes, you can literally fry an egg on my driveway from June through October.

I’m hoping Dyson will take pity on me and give me one of their beautiful air multiplier fans or I think this will be the Summer that I truly will melt. I  just turned 40, things are looming on the horizon that are not conducive to a lack of central air in 100+ degree heat.

Wish me luck, guys. The last time I tried this, I found out the next day that my checking account had been hacked and $1100 dollars was stolen. We are still trying to recover and the bank has still not finished their investigation, so we haven’t gotten our money back yet. This is why they say business days, not regular calendar days…it’s to keep from having to give up any cash for as long as possible. They have until June 14th to put up or shut up. That’s when the 45 business days are up.



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