Really, I Do Want To Be Eco-Friendly

[ 3 ] December 28, 2010 |
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I actually do try to be eco-friendly as much as my shoestring budget will allow, contrary to what some think. I recycle all of our glass, plastic and aluminum because I can get money back for it. And it’s out of my house when I take it to the center. I use CFL light bulbs in the kitchen, but not in the bathroom, bedroom or living room because I need good lighting in those places that doesn’t distort colors. I would love to have good insulation in the house and garage, as well as something on the water pipes that go through the attic {I have no clue why they would run water pipes through an uninsulated attic…}. However, we rent this house and the landlord is, uh, shall we say a bit weird?

When I told him that we were getting a water heater blanket, he didn’t exactly tell me that we could not have one, but he did state how he does not like them. I retorted with “The water heater is outside on the patio in a metal box, the pipes run through the attic and it takes forever to get hot water in the winter. Plus it will save us money on the gas bill. We’re installing a water heater blanket.” I don’t think he liked my statement much.

Where was I? Oh yeah, eco-friendly.

I even have solar powered outdoor lighting. Not because I am all crunchy granola, but because they were A) Pretty and B) I could use them even though we don’t own the house {Read: I didn’t have to hard wire them into the electrical system and pay for it myself}. You do remember that I am all about saving money, right? And if it helps save the planet, that’s a bonus. But my main objective is the least amount of damage to my family’s bottom line.

Yeah, I’m horrible. Go call the Green Police.

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