Socialism Alert!! Can We Say Indoctrination, Class? School Children Made To Sing Songs To The “Dear Leader”.

[ 4 ] September 25, 2009 |

redbarry Yes, my friends, school children were made to sing songs of praise to Obama! In public school. I am sure these kids did not fully understand what they were singing, but the teacher who was orchestrating it all certainly did. Catch the “Ooh I like that” exclaimed from off camera! This makes me ill. They are treating Obama like he is some sort of saviour. He’s not. He’s just another inept Socialist politician who can talk a good game. Pay close attention to this video.

Do any of you think the parents were informed of exactly what these children would be singing or how the newly anointed POTUS-god was being aggrandized? The second song on this video, when sung with the original lyrics, is usually accompanied by a Confederate Flag. Stupid fucking Liberals, anyone? {Not you Courtney. You know I wuv you, even with your unfortunate political affiliation!} Or is this just another case of “taking it and making it totally Politically Correct a show of their stupidity for all the world to see their own”?


Obama is not a god, people!! He is a half black, half white, inexperienced, completely inept JUNIOR Senator who convinced a group of naïve, starstruck people to vote for him through expert manipulation and celebrity endorsements. How much time did he actually spend as a Senator before running for President? 143 days? Yeah, THAT qualifies him to run the whole damn country. Sure!

All he really is is a cheesy, greasy car salesman who lies to get you to buy his piece of shit vehicle. He has given every man, woman and child in this country a debt of $66,000.00. And this figure is sure to rise as he taxes us little people onto the welfare rolls and out of our jobs and takes our money to give to the big corporations in a desperate attempt to revive a brain dead economy. Yep, he changed things, but not for the better.

AIG and their six figure bonuses and luxury vacations, anyone? Uh huh, I thought so.

I have one thing to say about this: If I ever find out that my daughter has been made to do anything like this in class, there will be such a stink made by me and my Husband, it will make their collective heads spin. We will file lawsuits upon lawsuits. And believe you me, heads will roll. My daughter will not be indoctrinated into this bullshit called Socialism. If the American public lets this happen, it will be the death of everything this country was founded upon and holds dear. We might as well all become members of Al Qaeda and start speaking Chinese.

Then there is this little ditty from last year’s campaign. I saw images of kids singing to the “dear leader” when I first heard this song. It turned my stomach. It still does. And what, exactly, has Obama changed? There is still the same pork barrel spending, catering to special interest groups, greasing palms, political corruption and catering to the rich that there has always been where the Democrats are concerned. Oh, let’s not forget about their need to control every aspect of our lives because we are too stupid to figure it out on our own.

Contrary to popular belief and Party rhetoric, the Dems are not “for the people”. They are for the people that believe as they do, only. All dissenters will be shunned, torn apart by the media then shot in a fully televised public execution, as a deterrent, lest anyone else try to think for themselves.

This is part of the workbook/teaching materials/study guide that went a long with Obama’s speech to the schools:


{Click to enlarge}

** Images courtesy of Pink Elephant Pundit **
Anyone get why the Right Wingers, conservatives and RINOS were all so pissed about it now? And they call US crazy and paranoid! The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, my friends.

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  1. LadyStyx says:

    How long is it until the next election again?
    *looks* Oh

    too damned long.

  2. KSS says:

    2010 we take back both houses, 2012 we put the first female POTUS in the white house- if you have not done so already become a poster at Sarah's facebook page, we are approaching 1M members.

    Liberals must be quaking in their boots that her new book is already #1 on Amazon and B&N and it's not going to be released for another 2 months.

    I love the sound of liberal heads popping in the morning, it sounds like……Victory!!!!

  3. June says:

    Girl I loved ya till I read about your political affiliation. Too bad. One of the reasons I hate people.

    • Shan says:

      I’m actually an Independent, as in without party. I’m registered that way. On purpose, because BOTH parties suck giant donkey balls. Socialism only looks good on paper, and destroys societies in real life. Talked to any Venezuelans lately?

      If you base your approval on someone you otherwise like on their political affiliation — or lack thereof — that makes you a bigot and a sad excuse for a human being. I have friends and family from all walks of life and political affiliations. It’s called tolerance, and not living in an echo chamber. It makes my life far richer than it ever could be if I only associated with those who believe exactly the same as I do. That would be boring, and way too Nineteen Eighty-Four for my liking. But, go on and live in your bubble, where dissent and free-thinking is not allowed. Have fun with that shit. Also? Obama was a horrible president. So is the current clown-in-chief.

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