That’s IT!! The Diva Is Going To Be “The Girl In The Plastic Bubble”…

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The Diva has tonsillitis. She has been in school FOUR days! And she rarely gets sick. The last time was this past Winter. She has had a sniffle here and there since, but nothing that really slows her down. When I picked her up from school yesterday, she said her throat hurt and she had “snots”. After we got home from the grocery store {Hey, I have to have food and such for my family}, I told her to lay down and rest. I fed her lunch, which she had no problem eating, and everything seemed fine.

Then she came to me and said “Mommy? I’m sick. You need to take me to the doctor.”
She had no fever, but she was all stuffed up. She took a nap for only 20 minutes because the poor thing could hardly breathe! I checked her throat and saw what I did not want to see…evidence of possible strep throat and/or tonsillitis.CRAAAAAAPPPPP!!

We took her to the urgent care, the pediatrician confirmed viral tonsillitis. Luckily, the rapid strep test was negative. He took her off school today and she was simply devastated. She loves her school. I hope she is all better by the end of the week~end so she can go back to school on Monday. My poor baby!

But if that does not happen, I am seriously considering putting her in the plastic bubble{Like John Travolta in that TV movie from the 70’s}. She will be protected from everything, including the swine flu. I think it’s the perfect option! And considering this school does not disinfect everything, like we were told, and the morning “health check” by the teacher is worthless, I need to be vigilantly proactive. We were told the entire school is extremely regulated on disinfecting everything and preventing the kids from getting sick, especially with the flu and H1N1…yeah, my white Irish ass! Why is my daughter sick, then?

Yes, I know viruses are in the air and can’t always be prevented, BUT my baby doesn’t get sick that often and the second she gets around other kids, she gets tonsillitis. I’m pretty pissed off about that. Besides the fact that I know, first hand, what chronic, consistent tonsillitis is like. I also know how it feels to have them removed two weeks before your 18th birthday. It was not fun. I started hemorrhaging 5 days after the surgery and had to go to the ER.

H1N1 {Swine Flu} scares the crap out of me! Plus we live in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood where most of the families travel regularly between the U.S. and Mexico. Oh, and there are complete asshats out there who don’t care who they infect…

Prime example:{Thanks to Lisa @ Crazy Adventures In Parenting for this one}

puppylover6464 on twitter

  • i feel kind of guilty going on a plane today when i’m pretty sure i had/have H1N1…oops.
{She has since deleted her tweet, but thanks to technology and Google, cached pages exist. It’s like I always say, “The Internet is forever so watch what you put out there.”}

Uh, yeah, NIIIICCCE.

People in general have no regard for anyone but themselves and what will benefit them. Or make them feel they have some power over others. This stuff pisses me off and scares the bejeezuz out of me. I can say I am very glad that my Husband and I no longer have our tonsils because we would all be sicker than dogs right now.

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  1. Because Ro didn't go to daycare/pre-school, she is experiencing alot of the crud for the first time. Kids who were in daycare from the beginning have had most of these things and are more immune to them. Bella spent a ton of time “sick” last year because it was the first time she had been around alot of kids for a long time period. It gets better!

  2. LadyStyx says:

    I'm going to back Jeannie on this. No, not that I have kids because we all know I don't. However, I've had the same happen to me. The first year working at a school was killer. I was constantly sick. Why? Because every job up until then I'd been away from alot of people. Only one or 2 others were working with me and I wasn't exposed to alot of germs. When I was all of a sudden faced with several HUNDRED kids, their parents AND the 25-30 staff members daily, I got sick regularly for that first year. In 2007, it happened again. When I went back to work after being a housewife for a few years…I ended up sick within 3 days. It really sucked. It's gonna happen, it can't be helped..all you can do is try to get through it the best you can.

  3. Missed the video! SORRY! I guess I was in a hurry to say what I had to say before it flitted off! (so sue me, I'm OLD!!)

    Anywho, super cute video and Bella loved it too! She said Ro is her new best friend!!

  4. TellingDad says:

    When kids hit school age they bring home a lot more than just school work! Lots of parents opt to send their sick kids to school instead of having to stay home from work or send them to daycare. Unfortunately, this means germs galore! Hang in there, it DOES get better. 🙂

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