We Are The House Of Phlegm. And Puke.

[ 3 ] February 21, 2011 |

We are the house of phlegm now. And puke. And fevers.

My family has been hit hard with a nasty virus that will not die. It just keeps morphing into something new every two days.

The Diva caught this thing the weekend before last. She had a fever, stuffy nose and cough and was home sick from school Tuesday.  Then again Friday with a recurrence. I caught it Thursday night. Daddy came home sick from work Friday evening. This morning, Miss Ro complained of a tummy ache. All she wanted to do was hug me. I held her for a bit, rubbed her back and then she felt better. She felt good enough to bounce around the house for a little while. Then she came to me complaining of a tummy ache again.

She jumped in my lap while I was sitting at my desk, hugging my neck for dear life. As I was readjusting myself and her for comfort, she hurled. I’m talking projectile, liquid vomit. All over me, herself and my desk chair. I saw everything she ate this morning. Believe me when I say that string cheese and cereal looks and smells much better going in your mouth than out of it.

Her pajamas were toast, as were mine. I cleaned it all up, Febreezed, Spot Shotted and Resolved the crap out of everything fabric from my bedroom to the bathroom, but I can still smell it. I have our PJ’s soaking in the bathtub with baking soda and Oxy-Clean.

But I can still smell it. I feel like crap. The Diva feels like crap. And I am afraid to feed her much lest she hurl all over my house again. Plus, I’m sure that it was rather unpleasant for my girl and she doesn’t want to repeat that again.

But the smell is about to make me toss my own cookies. I have super human nose left over from when I was pregnant and I can smell everything. I can smell old french whore perfume at 200 yards. If you reek, I can smell you. I am not good in public places. I will tell you that you do not smell like a rose. If you stink that badly, I may even hurl on you.

I am a sensitive, delicate flower.

Ok, not really, but my olfactory senses are.

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  1. Heather says:

    oh man I’m sorry – there’s nothing worse than puke smell!

  2. Faythe says:

    uugghh! I sure hope you ALL are feeling better by now. DH & I have been passing a cough thing back & forth, and I had the hurls for 36 hours, but he never did, so I chalk mine up to one of my many varieties of migraines. That is an awful smell to get out of your head, like burnt skin or other crap… light up some vanilla candles or some other light fragrance you can handle. healing hugs, sweetie…
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