Welcome To The United Socialist States of Obama

[ 20 ] November 5, 2008 |
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Yep, we’re completely SCREWED!!!

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  1. Deep cleansing breath!!!!

    Honey, it’s not my choice either, not by a long shot. But, seeing how I have no choice, I’m going to wait and see.

    Four years. He’s got four years. With a Democratic Congress to boot, so he has no excuses for not getting lots of stuff done. *cringe*

    So yeah, let’s roll out all that pie in the sky, change. Good thing we’re military….because you can’t get blood from a stone (tax money from poor people, lol!

    Just trying to be positive!

  2. How did you get that cool widget??

    Email me! j_kupsh@yahoo.com

  3. obama the new president:). better than mackain,but there will be no change in the future

  4. Shan says:

    Oh, there will be change, I guarantee it, but not the good kind.

    Our President~Elect believes that people making $250K are middle class!! I am still trying to figure out when that happened! He is going to tax us up the wazoo in some twisted attempt to "spread the wealth around". That, my dear, is straight up Socialism, the precursor to Communism.

    Show me any Communist country & I will show you how they started off as Socialists. It does not work. EVER.

    John McCain would have brought this country into glory once again. I cannot tell you the kind of respect I have for that man! He survived 5 1/2 years in the Hanoi Hilton! He is a hero. He knows what he is doing.

    Unfortunately,too many Americans got dazzled by the Obama Hollywood Machine, and now we are screwed!

    Obama has never even run a city, so how is he qualified to be the President? He hasn't even been a senator for very long! He has no solid track record on anything.

    And he comes from Illinois, where there are NO Republicans in office & the politicians are KNOWN for being completely corrupt. There has been a ban on handgun ownership in Chicago since the early 80's, yet Chicago has one of the highest crime rates in the nation. Explain that one! While you're at it, explain that to Jennifer Hudson, too.

    I don't care that Obama is black, I care about the content of his character (to quote MLK) & honey, he ain't got good character.

    So, yeah, we're SCREWED!

  5. Now don’t hold back Honey! Tell us how you REALLY feel!!! It’s going to be ok – honest!

    And yes my blog DOES look better – I gots me some great bloggy friends!!!!

  6. Shan says:


    I tells it like it is! No beating around the bush at this bloggy blog!

    Glad I could help decorate your bloggy blog.

    You should check out my Big Bro’s reaction over at Hard Reset. His link is on my blog roll. He calls himself a right wing nut job!

    It runs in the family!

  7. Honey? It’s Thursday….time to blog about somethin’ somethin’!


  8. There are so many free things to sign up for or contests, etc! When I find the really cool ones I put them on my blog.

    My head hurts so bad right now it might just explode!!! Getting older sucks monkey balls!!!!!!

  9. Shan says:

    LMAO! Monkeyballs!! LMAO!

    Haven't heard that one before…I heard monkeybutt & babboon
    butt, not monkeyballs!

    And, yeah, getting older does suck the Big Kahuna! I have found grey hairs in my eyebrows & black hairs on my chiny chin chin that will not pluck out without major pain! My bro also found my first grey hair when I was 7!!

    Getting older sucks & I have 3 1/2 yr. old who runs me ragged. She is so smart, that by the time she is 5, we will be completely screwed as parents. There will be no getting over anything on that one!


    I totally love the one you already made me – it’s awesome!! Now it’s time to blog something lady….this is from Tuesday! =)

  11. Come on over to my blog to register for my giveaway!! =)

  12. Ann says:

    Things are going to be fine.
    They are going to be better than fine. You’ll see.

  13. Surfer Jerry says:

    Change good or bad we don’t have much choice but to keep marching on. Besides in 2 years we will get to see who is running in 2012 🙁 I was a little upset with the Republican party. McCain won the primary after he was broke and loosing. Plus Rudy and Fred are both better speakers and more popular but neither one did much more than make an apearance. I think they were just there for show and that word came down from the party that it was McCains turn. Just my thought. Thanks for stopping by my site and commenting. I appreciate it!

  14. Shannon says:

    thanks for the comment at my site. I’m feeling very similar to the way you are about the whole thing! I love someone who speaks boldly!

  15. Shannon D says:

    thanks for the comment at my site. I’m feeling very similar to the way you are about the whole thing! I love someone who speaks boldly!

  16. Shan says:


    Thank you for the complement! I just speak honestly, that’s all. I have very strong opinions about a lot of things. No shrinking violet here.LOL

    I enjoyed your blog, too. Honesty is just so rare these days, especially on the internet.

  17. jubilee says:

    First time visiting your blog (Found you through queenie jeannie – a fellow SITs-tah). Your post title caught my eye and I had to click over.

    Love your leg lamp widget, I may have to add that to my sidebar.

    And you are right RS just gets better with age.

  18. I’m a pretty unpopular person these days due to my endorsing of McCain.

    At least I will have no problem living with my conscience.

  19. Cheryl says:

    I’m a pretty unpopular person these days due to my endorsing of McCain.At least I will have no problem living with my conscience.

  20. Shan says:


    If you want more Republican political musings, then visit my Big Bro's blog Hard Reset. It's in my blog roll.

    And, yeah, I have some good friends who are misguided Liberals & think I am just delusional. HAHAHA

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