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[ 2 ] June 4, 2009 |
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While checking my hotmail email account this evening, I found an email from *noreply@google.com*, with the subject “MIRANDA LAWSON invites you to check out MIRANDA LAWSON“.

Here is the email as it appeared in my inbox:

Subject: MIRANDA LAWSON invites you to check out MIRANDA LAWSON‏
From: noreply@google.com

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Sent: Wed 6/03/09 9:07 PM
To: bbyrcs@hotmail.com

I’m following MIRANDA LAWSON and think you’ll be interested in it as well. To check it out, follow the link below:


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This is the BLOG {and sole post} the link sent me to, which is under investigation by blogger for Terms of Use violations:

Miranda Lawson

Dear Friend

Please I sincerely ask for your apology to intrude into your private life.I am Miranda Lawson,born in 1987,The Only Daughter of my late parents Mr and Mrs Lawson from Angola.

I will like to brief you little about my family and what led me to contact you. My father was an oil facilitator throughout his life time. He left home on 3rd sept ember 2001 to meet his partner in united states of America for a proposed project.Regrettably that was the last eye we set on him because shortly after sept ember 11th he stoped calling us, it was later confirmed through the media that he was involved in the ugly incident of sept 11.

Shortly after, my Mum also died of heart attack on 18th of january 2004.
Before his death, my father deposited the sum of 16.4 million United States Dollars with an annual interest of 4.290 deposited for the purpose of establishing an oil extracting company with the partner in united states, with my name as the next of kin.All documents relating to the deposit of the fund is safely with me.

I made inquiries with the bank where this money is deposited and was told i cant make any withdrawals because the fund is protected under the backlays/cash-in-Transit policy contract with American International Group(AIG) to guide against any case of false claim.

I was advised by the bank to get any older relative who can stand with me to process the transfer of the money to a duly acknowledged account overseas.

My reason for contacting you is that i dont trust any of my relatives and can not reveal this secret to them. I want to deal with somebody very far away, way from the memory of my past.

Now I want you to act as my guardian so claim the 16.4 million in my father’s account. If you do this for me,I will be forever grateful to you. If you accept to give me this great help,write me back without delay. Get back to me with the information below.(mirandalawson@live.com)

Yours sincerely,
Miranda Lawson

Pulling on the heart strings by using 9/11? That’s just completely reprehensible! AIG is the bank??? The biggest scam artists in the effing world?? You have got to be kidding me!!??!! Those Nigerian scam artists are getting craftier {But, alas, they still can’t spell or compose a grammatical English sentence}! Oh, and did you notice she never once said anything about letting me have part of the money? Sneaky!

There is a website out there on the world wide webby that actually plays games with these imbeciles. They send them all kinds of things like old refrigerators {C.O.D., of course}. They even record the telephone conversations and post them on the site. My Big Bro told me about it a few weeks back, but I cannot remember the name of it. Damn, I would have posted a link to that here AND given the link to Miss Miranda Lawson on her fake blog! Yeah, I’m a bit evil sometimes. So???

***Update: I got the website address it’s called The ScamBaiters and it is HILARIOUS! Go check it out! I highly suggest you go to “The Mugu Museum” and “TSB Videos” at this site. It’s about time someone got a little entertainment out of these scammers.***

Do they really think that just because it’s a BLOG post that we won’t figure out that it’s just another form of the Nigerian Email Scam?

Just for shizzles, go take a look at these two sites…then flag them to blogger!



***Note to Scam Artists: We aren’t that stupid! You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig! And it’s still gonna smell.***

At least she/he/shim didn’t say they were a Nigerian widow dying of cancer, looking for a truly Christian person to help them…


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  1. LadyStyx says:

    I love how both those blogs have Miranda as a follower. Wouldn't surprise me if it's all the same person.

  2. Megan says:

    Wow, they've sure got some nerve don't they?! Sheesh!

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