Why I Will Never Buy Another Purex Product…

[ 5 ] August 25, 2009 |
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Yesterday, there was an article on MommyBlogger.me asking for bloggers who would like to be considered for the Purex Insider program. I know some women who are in this program and they have always had positive things to say about it. The problem was this little blurb at the bottom of her post, a disclaimer, if you will, that showed, yet again, the ignorance that went viral regarding the PR Blackout {The original text has been changed by the author since yesterday. This is how it reads today. Not much better.}:

(Please don’t leave a comment if you have in the past, currently are, or plan to participate in a PR blackout. PR blackouts are not supported by our company, IS World Media, and we can’t nominate a blogger who is closed to PR opportunities. Thank you for understanding.)

Oh, really now? So Purex is black balling bloggers who participated in, are thinking about doing, or otherwise have any knowledge of the PR Blackout, huh? Considering many of the Purex insiders are members of MomDot, wouldn’t this be just about the dumbest PR move, ever? By the way, anyone who did participate in the PR Blackout in no way cut themselves off completely from PR nor does it make any of us PR unfriendly. We just needed a break to get our priorities straight and also to let certain PR firms who believe in using bloggers as completely free advertising, that we do not, in fact, work for free. Our time is valuable. We are worth more than $2 snack cakes, no matter how yummy they are.

So I responded with this comment, which, of course, was never published:

So are you saying that Purex and/or it’s PR firm are black balling anyone associated with MomDot or the PR Blackout (which was completely misunderstood, by the way, and totally blown out of proportion)? Because I think that could hurt their sales quite a bit.

And considering half of MomDot are Purex insiders, then that would just make your disclaimer kind of stupid, don’t you think?

And in response to my comment I got this email:

from Homemaker Barbi
to babyrocasmama@gmail.com
date Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 9:58 PM
subject PR Blackout comment

hide details 9:58 PM (15 hours ago)

Follow up message

Hi Shan. Thanks for your comment about Purex Insiders. It is our company (IS World Media) that does not support PR blackout activities, and in no way do we make any assertion about the Purex corporation’s stance on the matter or their PR firm’s position on the matter.

It is against our company policy to refer bloggers for PR opportunities who participate in PR blackout activities. The blogworld is varied and everyone has their own way of doing things, which we fully support. We have no problems with MomDot’s PR policy or any other blog’s internal policies. We choose to keep our recommendations to PR-friendly bloggers. Thanks for your understanding.

Thank you,

Customer Service Dept., IS World Media

Well, that’s all well and good, Barbi, but since you are purporting to represent Purex, you are essentially speaking for them and their policies. And any company that aligns themselves with another that cannot even get their facts straight about why they are black balling a group of bloggers and Mothers, has lost my business. I would venture to say that many of the brilliant women involved with MomDot and the PR Blackout are angered over this article, possibly enough to stop purchasing any Purex products.

I know I am.

You can find the update to this post with the Purex Brand Manager’s response here.

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  1. trisha says:

    We do, in fact, have a ton of Purex “Insiders” that are very active in our community and the same opp was recently shared on our boards and more signed up.

    The problem wasn't with the 'blackout'. MomDot continues to work with valuable and professional PR, as we are now with a very strong iRobot campaign and a current Oreck giveaway. We still remain quite a strong voice. Standing up for a change didnt make that go away, it enhanced it.

    The problem is with the continuous false spread of information and correlating brands and PR 'unfriendly' with those bloggers that participated in the blackout as content growth.

    Content growth is very important to get a brand noticed and the blogger more influential within their own audience. Bloggers are not someone/something that can be controlled. (as you noted here by publishing emails).

    Companies or bloggers that misunderstood the intentions clearly listened to internet gossip or read inflammatory articles rather than coming to the source-us- and educating themselves on what the blackout was intended, and did, do.

    Im not sure trying to box women into a “if you participated in the blackout you cant participate here” ruling, because it basically says that you dont have a right to not work with PR on your own choosing. We are forcing people to be constant commercials,for free, and then punishing them by forming a support system to take a break. The entire point of branding with bloggers is to let them keep their voices, rather then being a drone.


    Too totalitarian for me.

  2. PippaD says:

    I now have to go and look up most of this post as I have no idea what the PR Blackout or Purex are…

  3. AJ says:

    I have a problem with people telling me what I can and can not do. This whole thing has been blown out of proportion. So are they saying that I can't take a break for a week to only post personal posts. That's what the PR Blackout was about. If they don't like it then I don't want anything to do with them. There are plenty of other companies and PR that respected what we were doing.

  4. Danelle Ice says:

    Hi Shan. Thanks for helping to spread my company's feelings about the PR blackout.

    As stated in the email which you published above from our customer service department, we do not claim that our policies are the same as that of the Purex company or of any other company. We feel everyone should set policies for their blogs that are comfortable for them.

    Our comment policy is not to publish private questions or concerns publicly, but to respond to them individually (as we did by emailing you to address your concerns).

    We're always happy when people can agree to disagree, which is inevitable in such a broad and diverse blogworld. Thanks for being a reader at MommyBlogger.me!

    Danelle Ice
    Owner, IS World Media

  5. April says:

    I have no idea what a PR Blackout is – but I consider myself PR friendly…for a price. I never understood people who review stuff for “free” or for – like you said – $2 snack cakes. If they want me to give them advertising, they have to pay. And it works nicely!

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