Hackers Stole My Money

[ 15 ] February 4, 2010 |
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This past week~end I found out that my PayPal account had been hacked. Yes, some freak used my account to buy things for his or herself. I had no money in my PayPal account, but I have it connected to my checking account so that is where the funds came out of, thereby making certain checks bounce. Some were covered by my bank and others were not, including part of my rent check (I have to make two separate checks because my bank is a bit wonky on high dollar amount checks). So one cleared and the other didn’t because some hacker stole my money and I was charged a few NSF/Overdraft fees. So yeah, I need to make up this shortfall right quick. It will take several business days for the investigation to go through the proper procedure and then I still have to prove I didn’t make those purchases.

And yes, I have already made all the necessary reports and changed all my passwords, etc. PayPal CAN be hacked. ANYTHING can be hacked. Nothing is 100% safe. But I used PayPal because it’s safer than using my credit card or Check card on the ‘Net, or so I thought. I never expected that my checking account would be hacked via PayPal. I should have been keeping better tabs on my account. That is my fault. But how was I supposed to know that this would happen? It makes me want to stop using banks altogether and hide my cash in my mattress. And considering the state of the banking industry right now, it’s not a half bad idea.

We are basically so broke right now that we can’t pay attention and  I still have to pay rent for February. I am so desperate that I have been looking into online loans for people with crappy credit {Thank you identity theft & stupid IRS who lost our returns for 6 years}.  I HAVE to get my rent paid up. We have the PITA landlord who doesn’t understand this kind of thing. Plus we are even further behind because of the NSF/Overdraft fees the bank charged us. I have until Friday to get this fixed.

In an act of sheer desperation and I don’t know what else, I tweeted out that I needed donations because my checking account was hacked.

Apparently that got the attention and ire of some horrible little twitts on Twitter who are calling me a liar and all sorts of various nasty things. I love how people feel so damn big and holier-than-thou sitting behind the relative anonymity of a computer screen. And without knowing my story, any facts or even caring to get any of, I have been labeled classless, a liar, a welfare mama {Yeah, OK} and a number of other horrible things. I am none of those. I was also told to “get off twitter and get a job”. Ummm, alrighty then! I am rarely on twitter. Honestly, I’m not. I have probably been on twitter a total of 12 hours since I got an account last February. I have my blog posts auto tweeted to Twitter and FaceBook so that I don’t have to do it myself. I don’t even have a cell phone, for God’s sakes!!

And I am trying to find a job. I have been trying to find a job for what seems like forever. But with one car that my Husband needs to get to work everyday {Unless he can carpool, which is hit and miss sometimes}, The Diva only in school three hours a day and no way to pay for decent child care, my options are pretty limited. By the way, I did find a couple of legitimate WAHM jobs and applied for them. I would have gotten the jobs, too, if it wasn’t for the fact that I live in California. Apparently, just like the brick and mortar businesses here in the Golden State, no one is hiring in Sunny SoCal. It sucks big, giant donkey balls!! {We have the mortgage meltdown and Obama’s “let’s bail out the banks so they can give themselves million dollar bonuses” Economic Recovery Plan to thank for this}

Just to clarify, I did not squander away my rent and grocery money, it was stolen by hackers. The funniest thing I saw was a tweet saying I have the class of Amy Winehouse!! Good Lord!! Do these women have nothing better to do than attack others at their most vulnerable times? My God what their lives must be like to take pleasure in doing that to someone!! I am pretty damn certain that people in real life cannot stand to be around them, so they troll Twitter and find people crying out for help and kick them when they are down because it gives them pleasure. Does the Golden Rule not apply on the ‘net or what?

Anyway, the reason I tweeted out for donations is three-fold. One, it was kind of tongue-in-cheek. Hell we have all heard the stories of women getting perfect strangers to donate money to pay off their credit card debt, breast implants and get their homes out of foreclosure, so why not to help a Mom who was a victim of a cyber crime? Second, I was and still am, desperate. Getting my money back takes time I don’t have the luxury of waiting for right now. I have to get this money to my landlord ASAP. Third, we literally had two whole dollars to our names that day and no groceries. My daughter was hungry. My Husband was hungry. I was hungry. My Husband and I can do without, but not my baby. I will do just about anything to make sure my family does not starve or get put out on the streets. I have made a wee bit of money this week doing some virtual assistant work for another blogger, someone loaned us a little bit of money for groceries and I even got a couple of donations from some very kind people. But I am still short quite a chunk of cash because of the damn hackers.

I don’t know if any of you know what it’s like to be hungry and have no way of getting any food, but it is the most horrible, helpless, desperate, frightening situation to be in. When your Husband works his ass off at a job he gets no pleasure from or even acknowledgement for a job well done and this kind of shit still happens, you feel deflated. You feel as if it’s all for nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I am so utterly grateful that my Husband even has a job in this failed economy, but it is just not enough to make ends meet most of the time. We have always paid our own way in this family, but when you can’t, when someone evil takes away what you have worked so hard for, when you have no back up, no cushion because you are living paycheck to paycheck, what are you supposed to do?

So yes, I tweeted out for donations to desperately try to get food on the table and keep a roof over our heads. Was it gauche? Depends on who you ask. But desperation can sometimes make you do things with the best of intentions behind them that will ultimately get misinterpreted by cold hearted, bitter, holier-than-thou people. Am I proud that it has come to this? Absolutely not! I want to make my own way. I hate being beholden to anyone. Do I still need help? Unfortunately, yes, yes I do.

My theory behind the donations was that if 50-100 people gave $5-10 each, my goal would be met. Has that happened yet? No. I also now have cyber bullies who keep tweeting mean, nasty things about me me on a daily basis. Their intention is to sully my good reputation, make me out to be someone I am not and to make themselves feel mighty. I wonder if they know that cyber bullying is a crime? Do they even realize that what they are doing is, in fact, a crime? I doubt it. They are judge, jury and executioners sitting behind their computer screens. Or are they tweeting from their phones? In which case, doesn’t that sound a little obsessive to you?

God doesn’t like bullies. Or people who try to do His job for him. Just sayin’.

My friend, Stacie, suggested that I tweet that I needed donations for laser vaginal rejuvenation and I would likely get some perv to just pay for the whole thing. 😛 While doing that to generate the funds I need is very tempting, said perv would likely want pictures or video of the procedure and that, my friends, really skeeves me out. Plus it’s dishonest and I just can’t do that.

I do want to let you all know about the services I offer here at The Asylum, should you ever need a hard working, detail oriented person to help you out with any of your online needs {Uh, not THOSE kinds of needs, k?}

Shan’s Shreds Designs

  • Virtual Assistant – $12/hr — Need a contest listed or tweeted? Need something typed up? Need some online or bloggy grunt work done? I’m your girl! Consider me your virtual administrative assistant.
  • Event/Blog Buttons — $8-10 (stock images extra)
  • Blog Graphics — Headers from $25, Backgrounds from $15, Twitter Backgrounds from $20
  • Blogger Nav bar with Search Box and Drop downs — $30, including custom graphic (stock images extra)
  • Install Plug-ins on WP Blog —$10 for 5
  • Organize Blog Sidebars/Footer – From $10
  • Have a post you don’t want to write? $15 for 200 words
  • Resumes/CV– From $40. Includes cover letter, 3 revisions and PDF file

Do you need something done you don’t see listed? Contact me (Link in nav bar). I will more than likely be able to accommodate your needs.

**Please note that until I am able to get my shortfall taken care of, all services I am commissioned for must be paid in advance. I hope you understand.**

And if anyone would like to donate to help me and my family get out of this horrible situation, the button is below. Thank you all in advance.

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  1. Brittany says:

    WHA? You mean to tell me you aren’t really getting that kind of surgery. Hmph. My hopes are squashed with one blog post. Off to tweet this for you Mrs. Shan Whinehouse.
    .-= Brittany´s last blog ..If I Had Extra =-.

  2. Erin says:

    Some people just like to attack anyone then can to make them feel better. Don’t worry about them. Just do what you have to do to support yourself and your family. Hugs… Hope everything works out

  3. Sorry to hear this happened to you. If you’re not opposed to taking out a short term loan with low repayment rates, trip zip 19 .com. I’ve used them in extreme emergencies and they’ve come through the very next day.
    .-= Reads4Pleasure´s last blog ..Books to Movies Week: "Meh, They Made It Into A Movie" *Kanye shrug* =-.

  4. Faythe says:

    Crazy people with no lives have nothing better to do than rip other decent people apart!
    Karma comes back and bites hard!
    Shan you are a decent hard working mom! You have nothing wrong to help your family out in a desperate time.

    If I hear of anyone needing help I will refer you, You betcha!
    Sending out prayers & positive thoughts for a fast and complete recovery !!! darn hackers… why don’t we invent some new technology to sniff these jerks out, we’d have no more problems.. everyone would buy it!

    hugs, Faythe
    .-= Faythe´s last blog ..WW- Snow Fun the "Pre-quel" =-.

  5. Gena says:

    I’m sorry that you were attacked Shan! What ass hats!
    .-= Gena´s last blog ..IHOP I’m severely disappointed! =-.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear this! Man, stuff like paypal hacking just freaks me right out. Sometimes I feel like we should all just keep our money in our mattresses or something.
    .-= Creative Junkie´s last blog ..Twitter: Where I prove I have no point in 140 characters or less =-.

  7. Dem damn hackers. Sorry to hear this has happened to you. I hope something works out for you. Take care.
    .-= Dee@ Cocktails With Mom´s last blog ..Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Snapfish*Giveaway* =-.

  8. Annie says:

    Oh Shan, this is terrible! I am so sorry. Your story does make me not want to shop online anymore now, that is for sure.

    And those people on twitter are ridiculous. Drama loving crazies! As if you needed any of this at a time like this.

    It will get better!
    .-= Annie´s last blog ..Solo Socks =-.

  9. I hope the bastards that hacked your account are caught and you get your money back quickly. I’d donate if I had anything to spare today.

  10. Oh gosh, I am so sorry, Shan! Ugh! That totally sucks 🙁

  11. Kelly W says:

    I am so sorry that evil people put you in the sistuation that you are in and I am even sorrier that evil people feel the need to bash you. You are a great person and I wish that I could help. I will say a prayer for God to provide everything you need.
    .-= Kelly W´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Making snow angels =-.

  12. Sara Elizabeth @ Geeky Pet Mommy says:

    Good Lord, Shan. If I wasn’t broke, literally, I would help. As you know I am living with my parents and have no job, thus no money.

    I have been where you are when I was in high school. My parents sadly didn’t have a good excuse, like an account being hacked. They drank and gambled our food money, and we were often hungry and evicted from several homes.

    I will do all that I can, which is pray. I will continue to pray that you are able to resolve this, make the payments needed, and feed your daughter.
    .-= Sara Elizabeth @ Geeky Pet Mommy´s last blog ..Welcome to Geeky Pet Mommy . . . =-.

    • Shan says:

      Oh Sara, I appreciate the thought, truly I do. Thank you. I could use a tweet or two of this post, if you don’t mind. It will all work out, hopefully. I keep praying and I am confident that God will take care of us. I am still scared, though. But that’s normal, I guess. I just want to have enough. I don’t need to be rich, just have enough. That’s all. Oh and our own house and a mini van. But really, just enough of what we need.

      Did you check out that link I DM’d you on twitter? There is a job you could totally get. It’s for internet assessor and pays $14.50/hr for 20 hours per week. I applied, but they won’t hire me because I live in CA. It so sucks because that job is perfect for me. 🙁

      Anyway, try that link. they have pages of listings of legitimate online jobs. I even saw some for graphic designers which is right up your alley. 🙂

  13. DogsMom says:

    Wish I had words of wisdom, but all I can say is I feel for you. Before the jobs disappeared we were living paycheck to paycheck. Now we are the ones who have “hacked” our savings. Hopefully your bank will step up and do the right thing, but it takes time and persistence.
    .-= DogsMom´s last blog ..Remembering Fallen Friends and Heroes with Ice =-.

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