With Age, Comes Wisdom. And Black Chin Hairs. At 41. Damn.

[ 9 ] March 1, 2012 |
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Today is my 41st birthday. I have been told all my life that with age, comes wisdom. No one ever mentioned the black chin hairs.

Why is that? Shouldn’t all the woman books have said something about the black chin hairs we will get as we enter our fourth decade of life? Those ones that hurt like hell when you try to pluck them out and often miss because you can’t see for shit anymore now that you’re old? Mine get so bad sometimes that I have to ask my Husband to pluck them for me.

Yes, ladies, this is what you have to look forward to as you age. And pimples.

What. The. Fuck. PIMPLES?!?! I’m not a damn teenager and even when I was I didn’t have any so why in the hell do I have them now??

Mother Nature is a real psycho bitch.

I’m digressing. I tend to do that more frequently now.

I am wiser now than I was twenty years ago. I am also a wife and mother. But I really don’t feel much different. I often ask myself, “when will I start feeling like an adult?” Of course, what does it feel like to be an adult? I always thought I would get some blaring epiphany when it happened — suddenly there would be this bright glowing light and all the answers for the uncertainties of my world would be immediately placed in my brain.

That has never happened.

Well, not yet, anyway.

No, what I have for my 41 years of life is a lot of  knowledge that is sometimes random or useless, an insane need for justice, a husband who I occasionally want to bang upside the head with my cast iron skillet and one beautiful, amazing and often incredibly frustrating almost seven-year old daughter. I’m not well off, we don’t yet own our own house and we sometimes struggle to make ends meet, but I am happy. And so is my family. Even when I bitch about momentary hiccups and injustices, I’m still happy. I have bad days just like everyone else. That’s life.

Maybe feeling like a grown-up is different for everyone. I sure don’t feel how I thought I would, though. And I really could do without pimples and stubborn chin hairs.

And the grey hair. I found some in my eyebrows. I guess I need to start dying them now, too.

But this feeling of being an adult? I’m not sure if that even exists. I go on and live each day as I should — I take care of my family, work on my graphic design business and occasionally slap up a blog post or two. I worry about things. I laugh at things — often at inappropriate times. And I love. I love my daughter. I love my Husband. And I love my life. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it’s hard. But it’s all mine.

So happy 41st birthday to me, black chin hairs and all.

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  1. ladystyx says:

    Oh, sweetie! *HUGZ* The reason some may not have mentioned it is because some of us have been fighting chin hair for YEARS now. My first showed up in my late teens. I was still in HIGHSCHOOL for goodness sakes! Each year gets worse. Oh screw that, each day gets worse! And you think those black ones are bad? Try being a lighter haired gal. Lemme tell you what, at 42, I deal with. I get so much chin hair that I pluck 2,3,5 times a day. Those black ones are a piece of cake. It’s the blonde ones I get that are the pain. At least I can SEE the dark ones! The blonde/white ones can’t be see, but certainly can be felt. Oh and they don’t stay on the chin… oh no. I get them along the whole jaw and sometimes even up into where sideburns would be. Even some finer ones mid-cheek. So lovely to realize you’ve been out and about a day or two with THOSE ones. Oh and the mustache hair… don’t forget that. Been fighting that since I was 15.

    My eyebrows skipped the grey stage and have decided to go straight to the white wiry stage. They’re joined by these super duper jet black ones (I’m a brunette so they just pop right out there)that like to do one of the following:

    01) curl every which way and refuse to lie flat like the rest

    02) crimp into a V-shape and pull against the grain of the hair and cause pain

    03) stand straight out, completely perpendicular to the rest

    04) any 2 of the above 3

    Welcome aboard. We’re glad to have ya ^_~
    ladystyx recently posted..Frogs in a pitMy Profile

    • Shan says:

      I have this one hair, right in the center of my forehead, that sticks straight out. It’s thick and wiry and likes to stay where it grows. Hurts like hell to pluck it. But it always grows back.

      I also have the blonde hairs. Tons of them. Baby fine hairs, in large numbers, and you have a carpet of soft hairs along your chin, cheek and neck.

      I’ve had that since I was young, it’s just becoming far more noticeable as I age. I also have the mustache. It’s blonde and fine, but thick at the same time.

      Getting older BLOWS in many ways. I need to win the lottery just so I can afford laser hair removal. LOL
      Shan recently posted..With Age, Comes Wisdom. And Black Chin Hairs. At 41. Damn.My Profile

  2. Chicagolady says:

    Well, I was going to tell you how aging is different for me, at almost 43. But then I read Ladystyx’s post and laughed so hard, I have nothing to complain about.

    My pimples never went away, so that’s not a new phenomenon. My hair has been going gray for 20 years, so used to that, and have refused to dye it so far.
    Mustache hairs, got those, a few dark ones, makes them easy to spot and trim.
    NO CHIN HAIRS!!!!! (Yet)
    I do have one eyebrow hair that likes to grow longer then the rest, so occasionally I trim it back to normal length.

    Definitely not where I thought I would be at this point in my life, but then, when has anything that I expected to happen, ever happened? I’m just glad to make it to another morning!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Kat says:

    I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of waxing when I’m 40…the nice thing is that the older we get the less people care what we look like. 🙂
    Kat recently posted..This One Time…Stupid CupidMy Profile

  4. Indeed, Happy Birthday to you! And yeah, what is up with the black chin hairs?

    A Fellow Forty-something. 🙂
    Margaret (Nanny Goats) recently posted..Creative Business Names. Or Lack Thereof.My Profile

  5. Leeann says:

    The complaint I have the one black hair I get growing out the side of my neck.. it won’t be so bad if I could see however my coworker points it out to me

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