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I can no longer endorse this designer.

Yes, I changed my template. I hated the one I had, but it was the best I could find. And it is Autumn, one of my two favorite seasons; the other is Winter. Isn’t this template pretty, though? It was free at Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates. Lena is an amazing artist & designer. And she does custom templates as well for a very reasonable price. Really, I am not kidding. Go check her out. The templates are simply gorgeous!

She is making me a custom template as we speak. Let me just say that I have seen the preliminary work she has done for me & WOW!! I cannot wait until it is finished & installed. I will finally have the unique template I have been dreaming of & I didn’t have to get a loan or max out a credit card to do it!

More exciting changes on the way…stay tuned!!



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