Ghetto-Assed Adult

[ 8 ] September 14, 2011 |

That is what came out of The Diva’s mouth yesterday, shortly after it came out of mine. Ghetto-assed adult.

Bad Mommy.

You see, yesterday afternoon, as I was going to unlock our gate so that we could go get Daddy from work, I noticed that someone had put a lock on it. One I did not have the key for. We were trapped. I was pissed. This was not funny. If there had been an emergency, we would have died because we couldn’t get out of the yard.

But some ghetto-assed kid or adult thought it would be funny to lock us in.

That wasn’t NOT FUNNY, mother fucker. {If no one gets where this quote is from, I really am getting too old for this shit}

After I got a hold of my hubby at work and he secured a ride home, I called my friend Susan to bitch about this new situation. She asked me “Who would do something like that?” I replied, “Some ghetto-assed kid. Or an adult. We live in the freaking ghetto, Susan.”

The next thing I heard was Miss Ro saying “No, Mommy, it was a ghetto-assed adult. In a big black truck. I saw him.”

Score one for bad Mommy.

Guess it’s better than her throwing out F-bombs, right?

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  1. Heather says:

    ooops! HAHA I suppose it could have been worse…
    Heather recently posted..Manulife Financial Denies Little Girl The Ability to WalkMy Profile

  2. LadyStyx says:

    At least she got a look at the type of vehicle. Now to train her to notice the tags on said truck!
    LadyStyx recently posted..Today’s favMy Profile

  3. I can’t believe someone would do that. Ghetto asshole indeed!
    Paula @ thewilyweez recently posted..I’ve Let You Down…You Can Punch Me In The OvariesMy Profile

  4. Charles says:

    The good thing is you were saved from blaming the wrong ghetto-assed. I understand why you are so pissed though. I just hope a prank like that never happens again.
    Charles recently dating bookMy Profile

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