Taking It Back So I Can Be A Better Moi

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Ever notice how society expects women to do it all? We are supposed to be wife, mother, breadwinner, chef, chauffeur, doctor, accountant, maid, teacher…should I go on? Because of these demands, we are all stretched so thin, I’m surprised we haven’t ripped apart.

Well I’m surprised I haven’t ripped apart, I should say.

Then we beat ourselves up because we aren’t SuperWoman, SuperMom and SuperWife. Is it any wonder that we are the most stressed out gender?

And hungry. I never get to sit down and eat a decent meal. I’m always on the go and my health suffers because I’m not getting the nutrients my body needs.

But this month, I’m taking it all back. I want to be a better moi.

(As I’m sitting here writing this on a Saturday night when I should be in bed…)

I can’t clone myself, I can’t afford a staff to do all the things I have to do each day, so I’m just stopping it all. How can I be what my daughter and Husband need if I’m trying to be all things? I need to concentrate on what I’m good at, what makes me happy and what’s best for my family.

That was really hard for me to say. I was a psychiatric nurse another lifetime ago in the state prison system. I quite successfully managed the medications and mental health files of a couple thousand inmates. I had it all running like clockwork. If an inmate didn’t show up for a scheduled appointment, I called out the dogs. Especially if they had a medication that was about to expire.

I once had an inmate come two hours late to her appointment with accompanied by a staff member. She was a prisoner. Where the hell could she have been that was so important? I was told that said inmate was busy rehearsing for the “friends and family” show they were putting on and was it really necessary for her to take time off for this appointment? I replied, “Well her psychiatric meds are expired and unless you want this prisoner to lose it in the middle of the show, I highly suggest she sees the doctor so they can be refilled. A psychotic break in front of family members and state officials would not bode well for you keeping your job.”

I miss that job. But I no longer have the energy for it.

I no longer have energy for much of anything anymore. I need to start taking my vitamins again. I know the benefits of being on a good regimen, but more often then not, life gets in the way. While I was pregnant, I made sure to take my prenatals and my Omega-3’s. I took the latter four times daily because I had read that it would help your baby have good eyes and greatly increase brain development. My Husband and I both wear glasses, so anything I could do to prevent my child from a similar fate was mandatory. I also have a tendency of becoming anemic, so the prenatals helped my iron levels stay normal.

And what do you know, The Diva  has perfect vision and is extremely smart!

Score one for mom and the power of vitamins!

I’m forty years old, I’m not exactly a spring chicken anymore. But I have a young child I need to keep up with and a good vitamin regimen will help me accomplish that. I should also mention that I run an online graphics/blog design business from home in addition to all of my other daily duties. Unlike a woman who works outside the home, I don’t get a steady paycheck. Trying to make my business a success is exhausting!

Finding a balance between work, home duties and having family time is three times as exhausting. And I barely leave the house!

So here is my plan: Omega-3 for overall health, Ginseng for energy, Prenatal to help make up the shortfall in my diet, B12 for that pesky PMS. I also need something to help with sleep. I haven’t found anything yet that, but I will. I plan to vigilant about this; I need to be the best I can be. That doesn’t mean that I will have a house that looks like it was cleaned, organized and decorated by Martha Stewart, nor does it mean that I will suddenly become a Top Chef. What it does mean is that I will be taking my life a little slower and not working so much. I need to be present in my life. I have a little girl who is growing up in the blink of an eye; if I turn my gaze away for too long, I will miss something important.

And that? That is just not acceptable.

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  1. You are so right! As moms we are expected to do a lot-and the thing that suffers most is our health. I’m glad you’ll be taking better care of yourself! Maybe you should check out melatonin-I have family members with sleep problems and that seems to help them a great deal!
    Kristen @ MamaBytes recently posted..No more ‘scuses. (and open for contributors)My Profile

  2. say no to vitamins. i’m vitamin b12 and d deficient and proud of it! 😉
    Whitney Soup recently posted..Give Me Money Before You Read ThisMy Profile

  3. Zippy says:

    I recently started taking vitamins that were prescribed by a doctor specializing in bioidentical hormones and it’s made a HUGE difference in my life.
    Zippy recently posted..Chocolate at the mall – oh myMy Profile

  4. Zippy says:

    No estrogen for me either (mom passed away from breast cancer when she was young). I use progesterone & testosterone. They keep me YOUNG!!
    Zippy recently posted..Chocolate at the mall – oh myMy Profile

  5. Working with inmates is hard. My mom is the head nurse at a prison and it takes a toll on her.
    Paula @ thewilyweez recently posted..F*ck You Fridays: Round FourMy Profile

  6. Claudine Petrowski says:

    Great advice about staying healthy with the help of vitamins, but be warned that natural supplements can in some cases be just as toxic as man-made poisons.

    To read about some of the risks of vitamins, minerals or natural herbs, check the link below.

    [link removed by Administrator]

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