Have You All Forgotten About Thanksgiving Already??

[ 11 ] November 14, 2011 |
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A few days before Halloween, I started seeing commercials for Christmas. Christmas. In October. The day after Halloween, every other commercial was Christmas themed and it’s only getting more prevalent. What the hell is going on, people?? Have you all forgotten about Thanksgiving already?? You know, the holiday with all the great food and family? The one about the Pilgrims, Indians and a nice juicy turkey? The one that comes before Christmas?


It does not help that in early October we went to Macy’s and found the store already fully decorated for Christmas! We hadn’t even gotten through Halloween yet! Every store I have been to in the last 60 days has had at least three aisles of Christmas and some decorations up already. What the hell?? I half expected to see Santa’s workshop and chair set up in the mall by October 15th! But I guess the guys who play Santa have to fatten up a bit more before they can don the red suits. That’s why they don’t appear in public until after Thanksgiving — they need all the wonderful calories we get from that one meal to put them over the edge into “bowl full of jelly” belly land.

Wait, I take that back.

We went to our local mall Saturday — before I was finished writing this post — and guess who’s already firmly ensconced in the Food Court? You guessed it, SANTA!!!

What the hell people?!?!?!?!?

Here is how the holidays are supposed to go:

  1. Our kids go back to school in September (August out here in The Land of The Stupid).
  2. We get ready for Halloween.
  3. We Trick-or-Treat.
  4. We get ready for Thanksgiving and occasionally think about Christmas.
  5. We celebrate Thanksgiving by eating ourselves into a turkey coma and come back for more around midnight.
  6. We continue to eat leftovers for days.
  7. The fat man in the red suit first appears at the mall the day after Thanksgiving.
  8. We start getting ready for Christmas.
  9. After Christmas, we think about New Year’s, resolutions and how the hell we’re going to fit all the kids’ new stuff in our already cramped homes.

That’s how it goes.  But Thanksgiving always comes first.

I know the economy still sucks, but retailers need to realize that most of us are barely getting to the next holiday unscathed and inundating us with Christmas almost three months early is only going to annoy and depress us.

Just STOP. We all know when Christmas comes. It’s on the same day every year; kind of hard to miss. You are not going to make more money by battering us over the head with the fact that Christmas is coming, K?

And the holiday muzak in the stores? Dear Lord, if y’all don’t cut it down, I’ll blow them all up myself. There is no reason on God’s green earth that  stores should have Christmas carols playing non-stop in the beginning of November! *cough* The Childrens Place *cough* It’s like when KOST 103.5 started playing them starting November 1st one year…they got so many complaints, I think their switchboard blew up. I decided right then and there that I would boycott that station forever. And I have.

So, can we please get through Thanksgiving and give that day the honor it deserves before the whole retail world begins to look like elves threw up on it?



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  1. LadyStyx says:

    *COUGH COUGH HACK* Wal-Mart. OMG. We were out this last Friday. Their tree had been up for weeks so that was no surprise. But the minute I got into the only quiet section of the store (hint hint nudge nudge wink wink)and sat down for a moment… I realized I heard it…. and that I more than likely had been hearing it for the entire hour or so we’d been in there.

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiim dreaming of a whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite Christmas!

    I’m all for snow and cold and stuff…. but come ON for goodness sakes! Even some of the parkinglots have their decor up already. ~~sighs~~ It’s gonna be a long friggin season.
    LadyStyx recently posted..Couldn’t resistMy Profile

  2. serena morris says:

    I completely agree!!! In fact a lot of us at work have gotten together and tried to decorate for Thanksgiving among all the red and green crap that’s around. Some of us artistic types (that would NOT be me) drew turkeys that say Don’t forget about me! and hung them up in the store (we work in a small outlet) so far customers have really taken notice and some have commented that they are glad to see someone still remembering Thanksgiving. I think there are more of us out there than them, but then some of my friends have already put up their trees…it’s sad. People would rather think about shopping or getting gifts than being thankful.

    • Shan says:

      The thing is, Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday. Everyone celebrates it. But it gets pushed out by big retailers trying to make as much as possible for Christmas. All the stores around here are opening up at MIDNIGHT on Thanksgiving night for Black Friday. WTF?? So that completely screws anyone who works retail from enjoying Thanksgiving with their families.

      So not cool. We need to all fight back.

      By the way, my local radio station has a little dig at the retailers — every once in a while they play the announcer saying “We’ve already got our decorations up for Fourth of July. Your move, Macy’s.” I LOVE IT. 😀

  3. Heather says:

    we had Thanksgiving weeks ago so we’re in full on Christmas mode here…..it hurts.

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