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[ 5 ] December 11, 2008 |
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My Big Bro sent me the link to this new browser yesterday. It’s called Flock & it’s awesome!! You can even import ALL your bookmarks, settings AND web history from your current browser. What could be easier?

Since it is Firefox based, almost all the FF add~ons work here, too. And the BEST part? It’s super fast. Really. Even MY blog loads quick!!

The only drawback I have is that I can’t get my sweet IM toolbar to install here. I am kind of bummed because I loved my emoticons. But other than that it’s pretty dang snazzy.

Go check it out. I haven’t had a single crash yet, whereas with Firefox it had several crashes/non~responses per day. http://flock.com/

Here is a good article about the browser. And two more here & here.

Go on already…go see…

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  1. Good morning! I have to say….that was QUITE an intriguing post title you wrote today, lol! Or maybe my mind is just in the gutter????

    OK Madam, your letter shall be “D”! Can’t wait to read your favorite 10 list!

  2. Kristina P. says:

    It is loading faster! Yay for Flock!

    I still use crappy old Internet Explorer.

  3. LadyStyx says:

    Hmmm…I’ll have to run it by my hubby and see if he likes it any.

  4. Shan says:


    Just switch to Flock, it's easy. Go to the link I put up in the post & download it. IT's FREEEE!!

    And it will prompt you to import all your bookmarks & settings from IE. It's simple & you really don't have to do anything else except download whatever toolbars you want. Seriously, you will be up & running inside of a half hour!

  5. Shan says:

    Yeah Jeannie we know about your dirty, twisted mind…LOL

    BTW, Flock is MADE just for bloggers & social networkers.

    It's OUR browser. LOL

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