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[ 4 ] December 10, 2008 |
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The next call to action for gay equal rights is the National call “gay” into work day, this Wednesday, December 10. Join The Impact, the good people who brought you the national protest on November 15, are requesting gays and lesbians stay home from work on Wednesday and refrain from spending any money. The goal is to demonstrate how vital we are to society. Our absence will increase our visibility. For those of you who can’t miss work, do not spend any money and spread the word. For those of you who can skip work, you are asked to volunteer your day off for gay and lesbian non profit organizations who need help. To see a list in your area visit www.jointheimpact.com

San Francisco (AP) —

Some same-sex marriage supporters are urging people to “call in gay” Wednesday to show how much the country relies on gays and lesbians, but others question whether it’s wise to encourage skipping work given the nation’s economic distress. Organizers of “Day Without a Gay” — scheduled to coincide with International Human Rights Day and modeled after similar work stoppages by Latino immigrants — also are encouraging people to perform volunteer work and refrain from spending money.


“It’s extra-challenging for people to think about taking off work as a form of protest, given that we are talking about people who may not be out (as gay) at work, and given the current economic situation and job market,” said Jules Graves, 38, coordinator of the Colorado Queer Straight Alliance. “There is really not any assurance employers would appreciate it for what it is.” Graves’ group nonetheless is arranging for interested participants to volunteer at the local African Community Center in Denver. The agency said it could find projects to keep 20 people busy, but so far only 10 have pledged to show up, said Graves.

Scott Craig, a fifth-grade teacher at Independence Charter School in Philadelphia, had no problem requesting and being granted the day off. So many of the school’s 60 teachers were eager to show support for gay rights they had to make sure enough stayed behind to staff classrooms.

About 25 teachers plan to take Wednesday off and to have their work covered by substitutes while they discuss ways to introduce gay issues to their students and volunteer at the local branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, Craig said. A letter telling parents why so many teachers would be out went home Monday.

Witeck-Combs Communications, a public relations firm in Washington that specializes in the gay and lesbian market, published a study this year that estimated that gay and lesbian consumers spend $700 billion annually.

Hetherington said he has been careful to design A Day Without a Gay — he came up with the name after the film “A Day Without a Mexican” and liked it because it rhymed — so no one feels excluded or threatened.




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My Husband participated in “A Day Without A Mexican”…he needed a day off. We stayed home, watched the protests on T.V. & played with the baby.


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  1. Christa says:

    Oh shut up!

    Day without a gay?

    How ’bout: day without toilet paper, day without a tampon and dau without me slappin’ some schmoe in the head for coming up with day without a gay.


  2. Call me slow, but I don’t get it. What is this supposed to prove??? I don’t care if you’re gay, your choice. But how is not working going to right these “injustices”?? And what injustices anyway?? It’s already illegal to discriminate someone based on sexuality.

    These days, people with jobs had better GO or they might not have one!!

  3. Court says:

    I think it’s sad two people could spend their lives together and then one of them die and the other be stuck with nothing. And I’ve seen it happen. But I too was a little confused by what it was supposed to ‘prove’ The goal was to show the country how many gays there are and that it couldn’t run w/o them but I think a lot of the critics were saying what with the economy so bad that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Still, they encouraged people to volunteer and not just go shopping. I almost wished I was gay on Wed b/c work was so freakin’ boring!

  4. Shan says:

    Court~~LOL! I only put this up because I thought it was so stupidly funny…Call In Gay…what, all the designers are going to throw down their paint samples, sewing needles & call their bosses to say "I can't come in to work today cos I'm gay (yeah, like they didn't know already!!)?? OY!! How about we do A Day Without the Stupid? Or Vapid? Or Assholes? It was just so absurd!

    I agree that two people in a committed, life long relationship should have certain benefits if one partner dies. I don't think there should be an inheritance tax or that a gay couple should not have the right to make decisions for the incapacitated partner or any of the same rights as a married couple.

    Having said that, my Bible teaches me that marriage is between a man & a woman only. I am conflicted because I know some gay couples that have the biggest, most loving, giving hearts I have ever seen. It is hard for me not to think they should have the right to marry just like anyone else. But the Word of God is the Word of God. Period.

    I also don't think that being gay is a choice. I think they are born that way. BUT I think that those that claim to be Bi~Sexual are just confused as all hell. Pick ONE team & bat for it. I'm just sayin'…

    Christa~~ You are too damn funny!!
    I spit out my cereal this morning reading your comment…

    Jeannie~~ I know, but this is California. And it was started in San Francisco…need I say more?

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