I’m Talented, Damn It!: Small Talk Six

[ 11 ] July 24, 2009 |
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Those MomDotters are at it again…Small talk Six! On Saturdays.

Today’s topic is 6 talents you wish you possessed“. You can answer this with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 paragraphs, 6 photos, 6 videos, etc…

Here you go…

1) I wish I had the talent {or magical power} to snap my fingers and have an instantly clean and organized house.

2) I wish I still had the talent of singing. I used to be a Second Soprano {I could sing Alto and Soprano} but something happened and my voice just isn’t the same. I used to get most of the solos, even though I have a fear of speaking in public!! {I’m a little bizarre. So?}

3) I wish I had a talent for HTML and blog designing. {I think the reason for that one is self-explanatory}

4) I wish I had the talent to bake and decorate cakes. Birthday parties for The Diva would much less expensive.

5) I wish I had the talent to sew. I have a sewing machine in the garage that my MIL gave me, but it has no instructions and I can’t even figure out how to thread the bobbin. I have ideas…I have fabric for curtains for The Diva’s room, but I can’t even get the machine to sew a straight line.

6) I wish I had the talent to make others see issues from another’s point of view. Or even go a step further to make that person feel what the other feels. I think we would have a whole lot less fighting and sorrow in this world if I could accomplish that.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I really like the last one. I am in a situation right now where I could put it to good use.

  2. These would be amazing talents to have. I have the same one as you for number 1. It would be awesome.

  3. Veggiemomof2 says:

    I'd like to sew too, but my machine won't cooperate.

    I love beautifully baked & decorated cakes, but I think it takes patience & I don't have that either.

  4. shopannies says:

    I wish I was able to learn the talent to #6 with you if you find the secret please share

  5. Kristina P. says:

    I wish I had the cake talent too! I am throwing a baby shower in September, and it would make things so much easier.

  6. LadyStyx says:

    I like number 6. That would be helpful.

  7. Dee says:

    My singing pitch has changed over the years as well…hmmmm, sewing is also a request of mine. Enjoyed your list.

  8. Rana says:

    I wish I had HTML talents too. I could really use them on my blog. Great list!

  9. Staci says:

    If only I could have #1. Life would be so much easier!

  10. Angel says:

    I really like your list! and your blog!

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