Yes, Mr. Obama, Where Are All The Jobs?

[ 7 ] July 23, 2009 |

You all know how I feel about the Prez. I don’t trust him. I don’t think he has enough experience and I certainly don’t think that Socialism is good. EVER. And Socialism is exactly where he is trying to steer this country. Mark my words, I can see it coming. Show me a country that started out with a Socialist leader, and I will show you a Communist country.

He has already created positions with the title “Czar”, with more on the way {He is trying to circumvent having to run anything by Congress or through our long held system of checks and balances. No one branch of our government is supposed to have more power than the other}. Forgive me, but wasn’t the last country ruled by Czars {A person having great power; an autocrat} a totalitarian, autocratic fear filled nightmare for it’s citizens?

Now, our dear leader, has saddled us with what is purported to become a $23 TRILLION debt!!! That has to be some kind of record for an American President. And in his first six months in office no less! He promised us jobs, if we would only get behind his stimulus package. Now he is asking for a THIRD stimulus package. My God! Where is this money coming from? His “Obama Bucks Tree” that only he can see and is guarded by unicorns and griffins?

We have an economy that is dead. U.S. currency used to be backed by gold held in Ft. Knox, hence the term “the gold standard” {thanks Kev, for cluing me in on this}, but no longer. We have been living on a borrowed economy for over 50 years, folks. How long will it be before this country is quite literally owned by foreigners?

I believe that the stimulus packages would have served a much greater service to our citizens had it been put in our hands, instead of CEO’s who used it for bonuses and spa vacations. But, hey, I’m just a Mom. What do I know? Now the unemployment rate, which Obama promised would peak at 8% has skyrocketed to over 10%, and in some states over 15%.

Where is the change we can believe in? Or did he mean change, as in the unemployment rate during his term would far eclipse that of The Great Depression?

I truly believe the tide is turning against President Obama and even some of his Liberal proponents are seeing that they made a huge mistake in backing him. I guess they should have listened to us on the Right, huh? We saw it coming. We warned you. You didn’t listen. now good people are losing their jobs, their homes and sometimes their families. All because Obama and the Liberal Left had something to prove, facts be damned!

So to you, Mr. President, I say, how long are you going to let your citizens, those peons you swore to protect, suffer for your lack of experience and ability?

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  1. Heather says:

    While Obama has had the most Czars of any President, Reagan was the first to use this term. Bush Jr. had the second most at 12 (Clinton had 9). While I'm not happy with what Obama has done so far (or not done), he does have a awfully huge mess to clean up made by the idiot who was in office before him. So, I kinda agree with you, but kinda don't.

  2. KSS says:

    Obama has 21 'Czars' and counting, and least there's a sector seeing job growth huh?

    Obama has no business being the position of POTUS- he has done nothing but get elected- his only qualification for being a Illinois senator was that he had been a 'community organizer', a term a majority of Americans had never heard before Obama broke on the scene. As soon as he was elected to the state senate he began campaigning to become a federal senator (maybe that's why he voted 'present' so often) and as soon as he was elected a US senator he began running for POTUS. He's never supervised so much as a graveyard shift at a Dunkin' Doughnuts and now he runs the whole show?

    The mess you refer to was made by the DEMOCRAT controlled house and senate- the president can't do a thing without their approval and oversight. All he does is sign or veto legislation sent to him. Is Bush blameless? No.

    But I can refer you to congressional hearings in 2005 about Fannie and Freddie in which democrats attacked the witness saying that there was absolutely NO problem in these organizations and refused to even think that there might be trouble brewing- we all know now that the sub prime crisis is what precipitated this whole mess.

    Now Obama says we have to spend our way to prosperity- when have you ever got yourself out of debt by spending more?

    Why have the democrats removed any provision from the proposed health care bill that would require proof of citizenship? We don't even know Obama's true citizenship, and he's spent millions making sure we will never see his real birth certificate, so I guess it's par for the course.

    Don't just blindly follow Obama, ask questions- he owns this crap now lock, stock and barrel- blaming Bush is the liberals way of misdirecting you from looking at the mess they have made. This is Obama's economy, period, full stop.

  3. says:

    Obama is a utter failure. He's no better then a car salesmen and a puppet – he got into office by the color of his skin not his experience which is what is going to be America's downfall…

    RIP America!

  4. The guy has been in office 6 months. This country was hurting long before his inauguration.

  5. TellingDad says:

    The guy has been in office 6 months. This country was hurting long before his inauguration.

  6. ….he, he….unicorns and griffins….

  7. Heather says:

    In no way am I not blaming Democrats. I am neither a Democrat or a Republican. I do find it humorous though that people will blame a man in office for 6 months for the state of the country and not blame the man running it (and Congress, yeah yeah I know) for 8 years (not saying you, just people). I'm not happy with what Obama has done so far, which I think is nothing. But, as a general rule I trust no politican. Not one of 'em!

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