Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Denied Filming By LAUSD?

[ 3 ] April 12, 2011 |

Yes, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, the amazing show that helps schools and families change their eating habits and the fight rampant obesity in this country and premieres tonight at 8pm on ABC, was denied the filming permit originally granted  by the LAUSD because they are afraid of being shown in a bad light on national TV.


LAUSD, do you honestly think that the revelation that appearances are more important to you than actually doing the right thing for the students is doing you any favors? How’s that positive spotlight feeling now?

Get over yourself, L.A. Unified, because guess what? You suck and everyone already knows this fact. You are more worried about your paychecks, which are quite inflated, by the way, than about the actual health of the children you purport to care so much about. I’m not directing this at the people who actually teach the children of that district, but at the administrative board that rules them. I know there are some excellent teachers in that district because I personally know one of them.  The school board is another matter altogether. And it is such a political snake pit there that it’s no wonder that they care more about keeping up appearances than the children.

This is The Golden State, Hollywood, The Beautiful People…but only a select few match that description. California is not the land of milk and honey, it’s not sunny and 75° all the time and the streets aren’t paved with gold. This place is broke and broken. And so politically motivated in all it’s actions, it would make even the most seasoned D.C. insider’s head spin.

Does even one person on the LAUSD truly care about the health of the children under their charge? To your face, they will say yes. Out of the public eye – and ear – it’s a different story. It’s all about the bottom line – their bottom line. If they had to spend even one penny more on the food served to the future leaders of this country, there wouldn’t be as much money left for themselves. And that, my friends, is not acceptable to them. They trim the fat by laying off teachers – you know, the people who do the real work – certainly not by taking anything away from their salaries or hefty expense accounts. And it’s about politics, baby. And federal dollars used to line the pockets of those in power and keep the poor weak, stupid and malnourished. Altruism is, apparently, a crime punishable by death and/or lay-offs in the world of the LAUSD.

These people are responsible for the education of those children – the future of this country. But if it doesn’t benefit them in some way, it’s quashed. Denied. Disposed of. Kind of like how they drummed out the late Jaime Escalante for caring more about the education of his Garfield High School students than pesky school district rules on class sizes. And when he finally got fed up enough to leave Garfield, their test scores went from the top of the heap, to the bottom. Now they’ve named a school in his honor.

Funny, that.

I strongly encourage you all to sign Jamie’s petition to reform school lunches in this country and also tell the LAUSD what dumbasses they are and how banning Food Revolution from their schools is still not showing them in a favorable light. In fact, and I wasn’t sure this was possible, it has made them look worse than ever.

I would also love it if Jamie would come and fix my daughter’s school lunches. She will be in first grade next year and all the mothers with older children have already told me not to allow her to eat in the cafeteria. Sad, I know. I can make her a brown bag lunch, but so many other parents must rely on the free lunch program for their children. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was healthy food?



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  1. Jessi J. says:

    Hey Shan, well said! I was so motivated by your post I signed the pititon. (Though my son’s school does have good food choices already, but most of Detroit schools don’t!)

    I’m a bit confused, why would people tell you not to let your daughter eat in the lunch room??

    • Shan says:

      I’m glad I inspired you to sign the petition! 🙂 Tell your friends!

      And they told me not to let Ro eat in the cafeteria because the food is so horrible. Not nutritious at all. funny, the day after I wrote this post, I got a notice that Ro’s class will be learning how to use/eat in the cafeteria next Wednesday and I need to send in money for that. The menu? Chicken nuggets, salad bar and milk. I’ve seen the salad bar. I wouldn’t feed that wilted lettuce to pigs.

  2. Everyone’s talking about this show and I’m really looking forward to watching it. I DVR’d it but haven’t had a chance yet

    Thanks for stopping by for #CommentHour!

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