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[ 2 ] April 8, 2011 |
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Need a blog spruce up? Want to do some Spring cleaning Bloggy style? How a bout a new look altogether? You’re in luck because I’m having a sale! {Read below to find out the reason for the urgency of this sale}. You can find my prices and portfolio here.

Shan’s Shreds Designs 20% Off Sale! Ends April 15th!

Last weekend we found out our checking account/debit card had been hacked/stolen and my Husband’s entire paycheck was gone. He had just gotten paid. We have bills to pay. I’m sick to my stomach over this and not sleeping very well. We only found out about this because we had gone out to dinner on Saturday night and when I went to pay the check, my card would not go through. I was so embarrassed! Guess we won’t be going back to that place any time soon.

When we got home, we found a strange computerized message on the answering machine saying “your debit card has been locked, to unlock it, press…” and the message ended. Time stamp was 6:29pm. The number on the CallerID was for a wheel chair lift company in New Hampshire. We live in California. Did you know there is a free iPhone app that you can use to make the CallerID show any number you choose? Apparently there is and that poor wheel chair lift company said that they had received over 100 calls already by the time I spoke with them at 11am PDT Monday morning! So I was not the only one. But it still doesn’t make me feel better. I need my money back! It’s a mess. Our bank is investigating & does not give temporary credit. I guess that is one of the things of having a local credit union. So until the investigation is done and it is ruled in our favor, we are SOL.

This also caused me to not be able to finish NaBloPoMo and that really pisses me off.

So to help ensure that we can get some bills paid and buy necessities, I am having a 20% Off EVERYTHING sale. I need to make the maximum amount in a short span of time. You get a great deal and I get to make much needed cash. The sale will only last until April 15th, so hurry! Contact me here for a quote!

PS: If I ever find the hacker that did this, I’m going to kick him in his tiny nuts with steel toed boots. Bastages!



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  1. Celeste says:

    You had me at your tag line! Love it and feel the same way about my parenting LOL!! Thanks so much for stopping by during #commenthour and leaving a comment. Looking forward in following your posts.

    Celeste recently posted..Waaaay Too Close Wordless Wednesday!My Profile

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