The Free Range Stupid Got To Me On FaceBook

[ 4 ] November 1, 2010 |

Yes, The Free Range Stupid™ DO exist. And they’re everywhere. They seem to gravitate towards me. A couple of days ago, I got this message via FaceBook from someone I don’t even know:

Subject: Regarding a post on RS’ page…


I am a Rick Springfield fan, and I was reading some old posts. I just wondered if you have learned the truth enough about Michael Jackson by now to know he was completely innocent of child molestation, and that the accusers were only after money. I hope you have. I mean no disrespect, I just try to spread truth wherever I can.

There are many resources, like http://www. ad025suzuJV10D8CDvnMUgGwHJg;www.

Sorry if I’m a bother,

God Bless!

You all know that I am a Rick Springfield fan. Have been since I was a girl, many, many moons ago. I am also very vocal about my opinions on everything. Like that’s a big surprise. However, I don’t know what post this woman is referring to or why she felt the need to message me about it.

I do know why I feel the need to blog about it, though. *insert evil laugh here*

For the record, I still believe that Michael Jackson was a child molester.  The same allegations being lobbed at the same person with enough evidence to warrant an investigation, indictment and arrest don’t lend themselves to the innocence of the accused. Neither does paying off the first accuser with a check with a lot of zeros.

Just sayin’.


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  1. I know what you mean about Free Range Stupid on facebook. I have just about quit going there. I can’t stand reading that someone is playing farmville…who cares. If you want to play…good for you….why do I need to know. I am tired of reading stupid messages from strangers. I have gotten to where I keep up with my daughter and graduating high school class and that is about it.
    Karen (Stillmagnolia) recently posted..Grandmas HandsMy Profile

  2. I completely understand what you mean. The sad thing is… sometimes the people who send me the stupidest stuff is my own family *sigh* what is a girl to do?

    Miss you!!! Talk soon?
    Nina@ the one fantastical recently posted..My Annual Christmas Ornament Tradition Has BegunMy Profile

  3. sarah says:

    I am with Nina it seems to be my family too. Though I get a ton of spam comments that can make me giggle. I have to agree on the good ol’ MJ. Loved his music but not his actions
    sarah recently posted..Keeping With Vertans Day WeekendMy Profile

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