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[ 13 ] November 1, 2010 |
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I went to a party and…

I finally met one of my bloggy friends in person.

If you don’t know who this is….let me give you a virtual head slap…it’s Kadi Prescott from Womb At The Inn(Sane) and Girly Gazette! Hers was the first blog I ever started reading regularly when I started out back in 2008. She was hilarious and had many of the same struggles with motherhood that I was experiencing. Her posts made me laugh so hard, I cried. And I finally got to meet her Friday night. She now lives mere 2 miles from my house. She invited us to a pumpkin carving party at her house and The Diva fell in love with her and her kids. All 7 of them. Ro keeps asking when she can go to Miss Kadi’s for a sleep over. HEH. If Kadi agrees to that, I hope she knows that my one Diva can run circles around her and her kids! It would be very interesting to see what happens. I had a great time. Kadi is a blast and I hope we are able to see more of each other.

This is the pumpkin we {Read; My Husband} carved:

Then, of course, we had Halloween. We had to get The Diva dressed up and take her Trick-or-Treating. She wanted to be Minnie Mouse this year. OY. I just can’t do traditional. Or normal. So you know I had to make Minnie Mouse look different than what people think of when they hear the name, right?

And then Mommy had to get dressed up, too. As a dead/re-animated Heidi. No, not that Heidi. The Heidi from the old movie. The one set in Austria or somewhere. Blonde hair, braids, Lederhosen. Paralyzed cousin in wheelchair? That Heidi.

The costume is supposed to be “sexy” Heidi. Yeah, the girls were front and center in this one and the dress is pretty short. But in my defense, you can’t exactly hide these puppies very well. I have what many women pay thousands of dollars to obtain. And I got them naturally. By the way, why are all female Halloween costumes labeled sexy, sassy or seductive? Why can’t it just be dead cheerleader or pretty witch or something that does not pertain to sex? It’s really rather annoying when even little girl costumes are labeled as “sassy” or something similar. Or they are just smaller versions of the adult costumes with about an inch of extra fabric added for “modesty”.

You know a bunch of lechy ad guys who can’t get any made up these names, right?


Aren’t we cute? I think my make-up jobs turned out pretty well and do nicely convey the whole “used to be something cute, but now is something that used to be dead” concept, don’t you?

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. I know we did {We were home by 8pm. That’s when you know you are both a parent and older than dirt. OY.}.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Looks like the costumes came out cool! My kids were home before 8pm on our trick or treat night. That just means the houses are close together, not advanced parental age. I had stayed home to pass out candy, and I ran out in the first hour. We had a ton of kids.
    Amanda recently posted..Best Grocery Trip EVERMy Profile

    • Shan says:

      Yeah, but that doesn’t exactly count. Your town is all kinds of weird and doesn’t do Halloween ON Halloween. You do it the Thursday before Halloween. It’s almost as bad as the town that says it’s illegal to have Halloween on a Sunday. HEH. 😀

  2. Henrietta says:

    Great costumes! We were home by 8:30 but only because trick or treating was over at 8 🙂
    Henrietta recently posted..Kidz Bop Dance Party! The video game for Wii Review giveawayMy Profile

  3. You guys look great! My kids were home by 7:00 this year…only because it was freezing outside!!

  4. OMG how cute are you guys!

  5. Victoria says:

    Too cute! Gotta love Minnie Mouse (with a touch of pink – or is it punk?)

  6. sarah says:

    you guys looked great =)
    sarah recently posted..Keeping With Vertans Day WeekendMy Profile

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